The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 490

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Chapter 490 Miscalculated?

Whilst Hexi and her Master were speaking, neither of them tried to conceal their words. This directly caused the cloaked man to become angry again, "You dare underestimate me, directly go and die for me!"

Right after saying this, bursts of bone-chilling cold wind started up and faced Hexi and everyone else.

In response, the old man threw the empty bottle gourd away and his figure disappeared from his original spot.

Hexi hadn't even reacted to what he had just done when she suddenly heard 'peng'. Soon after… Soon after the bitter cold wind dissipated and even the black fog disappeared, leaving nothing else in front of them. 

That's right, precisely… Nothing was left. The cloaked man's presence had completely disappeared.

The old man rubbed his black palm and guiltily looked toward Hexi. With forced laughter he said, "Ai ya, it seems like I didn't control my strength and miscalculated."

Hexi frowned, "Miscalculated? By how far?"

"E (hiccup)… This… That…" The old man looked at the sky, "Just then I wasn't looking at the direction and didn't see where he flew off to, ha ha ha… So clever disciple, even though I didn't knock him flat… Your Master can be considered to have exerted energy, right?"

"Moreover, by the time he falls back onto the ground, he'll definitely fall flat. He wouldn't even be able to crawl back up after six hours. That… About that wine…"

Hexi narrowed her eyes and silently watched the old man for a long time.

She was certain that this old man had deliberately not laid a heavy hand on the cloaked man.

She stared at the old man until he nervously scratched his head. Then she loosened her expression and lightly laughed, "Rest a.s.sured, there will be plenty of wine. In any event, thanks to Master for saving us!"

"Ai ya ya, clever disciple, you're too considerate and too filial. Your Master loves you the most…"

"Smelly old man, your entire body is full of louse and wine, quickly get away from me!"

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"Clever disciple, don't be like this. Master likes to hug you, how can you decline!"

However, who could've thought that Murong manor would've disappeared just three days after the fight occurred at Murong manor that night.

In the span of a night all of Murong manor's guards, manservants, servant girls, and children had disappeared without a trace. Even their bones couldn't be found.

What was the scariest part of the whole ordeal was that the houses inside Murong maner all looked as if they had been burned by a fire. Apart from ashes and fallen walls, there was nothing else.

Murong family was one of the four most influential families in Yan Jing city ah. Yet in a breaths time all of it's people had disappeared without even the smallest bit of a trace left behind.

This matter left the people of Yan Jing city alarmed and restless for a few days. The most worried were the remaining three most influential families. Although they were busy with receiving the power of Murong family, they were still wary and fearful.

The enemy was just too powerful. They actually dared to thoroughly eliminate Murong family right in front of the imperial guards. Would there be a day when it was their own turn?

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