The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 489

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Chapter 489 Master!

After speaking up to here, the old fellow suddenly shook his bottle gourd around and mischievously laughed, "However, since your Master's wine is gone, shouldn't you, as a disciple, express… Hei hei (mischievous laughter)!"

For a moment, Hexi was unable to respond, the sudden turn around was too theatrical.

She lowly coughed, "Untie me first."

"Okay! Okay! Then you have to give me wine clever disciple."

The old man's black hands raised and were just about to move to untie her when he abruptly paused and said, "Wrong ah, clever disciple, you still haven't called me Master! If you don't call me Master, how can I untie you ah? I'm only saving my clever disciple~"

Hexi's mouth twitched and she fiercely stared at him, "You're threatening me!"

"Hei hei hei, how can that be considered a threat? In the mountain, didn't you agree to pay respects to this old man as your Master?"

"When did I agree?!"

The old man's face looked like that of a rascal as he winked and pointed at Wu Xin, beginning to make a fuss, "Ai ya ya, this fellow's injuries aren't shallow. If you don't quickly provide critical care his cultivation will drop from Nascent Soul stage. Ze ze, how pitiful, how unfortunate there's n.o.body to save him."

Hexi looked over at the b.l.o.o.d.y and barely breathing Wu Xin and clenched her teeth, spitting out two words, "Master! [1]"

"Ai ya ya, clever disciple!" The old man's eyebrows raised in joy when he heard those two words [1] come from Hexi's mouth. He waved his hand and the black rope tied around Hexi's body also fell down.

Hexi didn't bother to talk to him and quickly walked over to Wu Xin's side. The first thing she did was to give him a pill to swallow.

At this point, Wu Xin's mind was already hazy. When he opened his eyes and saw her, he murmured, "Fortunately w.a.n.gfei is fine, otherwise… Master will definitely… Be worried of your death…"

"Fool!" Hexi picked up a silver needle and efficiently stuck it into his body so his injury could be prevented from worsening. Then, she hoa.r.s.ely said, "Idiot! Whose life could be more important than your own? You're about to die and yet you're still afraid that Nangong Yu will be worried…"

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At this moment, the cloaked man that had been knocked away by the bottle gourd had finally stood back up from the roof.

The old man rubbed his bottle gourd and mischievously laughed, "Well, that's hard to say, hard to say. If I drank some wine, this old man would be able to beat three cows, if I haven't drank wine…"

"Master knock him down and I guarantee that, in the future, you'll have so much wine that you wouldn't be able to drink it all!"

"Really?! Clever disciple you better not cheat me~"

Hexi's hands hugged her chest as she smiled at him, "If I'm cheating you then you can expel me!"

"Ai ya, how could that be done? You're the clever disciple that I worked so hard to get~"

[1] master – in Chinese, master is comprised of two characters, 师父 (shī fu)

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