The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 488

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Chapter 488 I’m Helping You Fight Him

Thinking up to here, the cloaked man clenched his teeth then bit down on his tongue, intentionally injuring it in the process. With a mouthful of his own blood essence, he spit it out onto the Refining Soul banner.

"Want to leave? He he, don't dream! Today, none of you should think of leaving!"

Once his words went out, the originally weakened and unable to move devilish face suddenly became enveloped in a red light and a malicious howling and crying face resounded around everyone.

The devilish face moved and suddenly soared into the air. Before long it was already rushing over to Wu Xin, ready to begin a second round of attacks.

The cloaked man let out a chuckle then sneered, "I want to see what method you use to defend yourself this time!"

Wu Xin was unable to lift one of his arms, his spiritual power was practically drained, and his entire body was littered with injuries.

When Hexi saw that the devilish face was about to eat Wu Xin's head in one go, she suddenly summoned a golden ball of flames in her hands and flew over to the devilish face.

When the cloaked man saw her actions, he began to laugh out loud, "Ignorant child, the black devil's face has a spirit body, how could an insignificant fire harm it?"

But the smile on his face was quickly wiped away.

Because once the golden flame made contact with the devilish face, the sound of burning sounded out and the devilish face twisted. It let out a pained expression before trying it's best to run away.

The cloaked man paled in fear, "Spiritual fire? How can this be? You're only at Foundation Establishment stage. Even if you were able to practice and conjure up heavenly fire, you would still be unable to hurt the devilish face to this degree. You… Just what type of person are you?"

The black devilish face was a spirit, it feared all spiritual power attacks, but at the same time, it dirtied spiritual power.

Adding onto that was his blood essence, which supported the devilish face even further. Even if spiritual fire attacked the devilish face, it was reasonable to a.s.sume that his blood essence could dissolve it.

But how could the cloaked man have expected the spiritual fire Hexi released to have such high spiritual power and essence purity?

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His shock didn't last long though, soon after, the cloaked man burst out into laughter again. "Regardless of where your spiritual fire came from, for you to be able to release spiritual fire with such pure essence must mean that your soul is much more solid than that of an ordinary person."

"Ai ya ya, my bottle gourd [1], my fine wine, it all spilled… The entire thing spilled…"

"Outrageous youngster, actually daring to spill my fine wine. Quickly compensate me!"

Hexi suddenly blanked, she knew this voice and it's all too familiar intonation…

Sure enough, the wrinkled face of an old man appeared in front of her face, growing larger and larger as the pungent smell of wine hit her in the face.

When the old fellow seemed to have clearly seen her, he suddenly let out a laugh, "Ai ya, my obedient disciple, how could you be here ah? How coincidental, too coincidental… Seeing as you can't move, has someone bullied you? You tell me and I'll go hit him for you."

[1] bottle gourd – a type of vine that's grown for it's fruit. when harvested young, it can be eaten as a vegetable and when harvested mature, it can be used as a utensil once dried (wikipedia page) Translator Note wifi is back & so is her master, woohoo!

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