The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 487

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Chapter 487 Refining Soul Banner

Hexi faintly smiled and said, "I feel like the origins of the Cold Food flower are even fishier than the Killing Sky sword, right? This spiritual plant shouldn't even be able to grow in Miluo Continent. If you told me how you guys got Cold Food flowers, then I'll tell you the history of the Killing Sky sword, okay?"

A scowl formed on the cloaked man's face and his mind scattered. In this moment of carelessness, Wu Xin was able to cut through his clothes.

The cloaked man retreated several steps back and sneered at Wu Xin, "Yeye [1], I'm bored of playing with you. Do you really think you're my opponent?"

Wu Xin slowly turned over the qi and blood in his body, mixing them together. His expression remained detached and he didn't bother to pay attention to the man's words.

The cloaked man looked at Wu Xin and then looked over at Hexi, who stood behind him, and a blood thirstiness rose up in his eyes. "Since you guys wish to court death, I'll help you guys. In any case, I'm bored of playing…"

Right after saying this, a small, black banner appeared in the cloaked man's chicken claw-like hands.

He began to mutter incantations under his breath. As he was muttering them, the black banner grew larger and larger, until it grew even taller than himself.

The cloaked man mischievously let out two laughs and touched the banner's icy flagpole. He faintly remarked, "Go ahead my darling. Lately you haven't had any chance to show off, you must be starved. But this one time should compensate you."

"You haven't gotten the chance to taste Nascent Soul stages yet. They taste much more delicious than a hundred Gold Core stages."

After saying this, the cloaked man's hand raised and a flash of spiritual energy entered the banner.

In a moment, the banner began to shake and following this, a round black shadow shot out from the banner and flew up into the sky.

That black shadow condensed and became thicker, forming into a black devilish face with tusks. Once it was done forming it faced Wu Xin and rushed at him.

In the blink of an eye, the black shadow surrounded Wu Xin. The devilish face opened up a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and unceasingly started biting at Wu Xin's body.

Every bite the face took, the face grew larger and Wu Xin's breath became weaker.

Although the Killing Sky sword was still in Wu Xin's hand and he was constantly waving it around, it began to wave around slower and slower as the seconds ticked by.

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Gu Liufeng clenched his teeth and said, "That should be the Refining Soul Banner."

Hexi stared blankly at Wu Xin. It was as if blood had filled her sight, everything turned red and a burst of burning rage filled her.

She hated feeling weak and she hated allowing the people by her side receive injuries even more.

When the cloaked man saw the devilish face's weak state, he was suddenly furious.

He had used countless spirits to fully raise and condense this devilish face, it's face could even rival initial stage of Nascent Soul stage. But unexpectedly that repulsive youngster actually dared to risk losing his arm by exploding his spiritual power which, in turn, caused his devilish face to gain a serious injury.

And now, even if it swallowed these three youngsters' souls, it would still need to recover for a period before it could return back to it's previous state.

[1] yeye – paternal grandfather or old man; in this case, he's calling Wu Xin an old manTranslator Note this may be the last chapter for a bit. the new house doesn’t currently have wifi so i won’t be able to post as often as before, so sorry guys!

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