The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 486

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Chapter 486 Abnormal and Lacking Humanity

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Standing in front of Hexi and Gu Liufeng was Wu Xin who nodded his head at Hexi's previous words. His expression was grave and his eyes held an icy and bloodthirsty glint on them as his gaze landed on the distant male.

The male wore clothes made out of ashy, coa.r.s.e cloth. His body was covered by a black cloak, which had a high collar that covered his face. The only thing exposed were a pair of falcon-like eyes that peered at them from the darkness.

It seems like this is the black law protector Murong Feng was mentioning.

The cloaked man was currently standing opposite to Hexi, Gu Liufeng, and Wu Xin. His appearance seemed relaxed and his eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g full of arrogance as he looked over at them. His eyes slowly shifted over to Wu Xin's body and he softly laughed, "You actually have a Nascent Soul stage expert, no wonder Murong Feng fell… With great difficulty I nurtured that dog for over ten years, but he was disposed of so quickly, it's such a pity."

"What price are you guys planning to pay for making me lose such a handy dog?"

Hexi narrowed her eyes and sneered at him, "I imagine your heart would feel more pain over losing those Cold Food flowers rather than that handy dog, right?"

"You touched the Cold Food flowers?" When the cloaked man heard what she said, he suddenly became angry.

He used his divine knowledge to sweep over the room and found no shadow of the Cold Food flowers. The gaze he looked at Hexi with was a sharp as a sword, it was no longer like the insipid cloud and soft wind one from before, "What about the Cold Food flowers?"

"Naturally they're destroyed." Hexi coldly laughed, "Those spiritual plants have the darkness attribute, they have the ability to endanger the world. Are they just supposed to be left to be eaten? I'm sorry, I'm not as abnormal and inhumane as you guys are."

"You-- Courting death!!" The cloaked man let out a strict shout and his figure suddenly flashed from where he was standing and began charging at Hexi.

Hexi could already see that this move was far different from the one he used with the red cloth, which was played down. Instead, this one carried anger and a desire to dismember her into a thousand pieces.

Wu Xin's entire body turned into a glowing white light as he soared over to meet the cloaked man head on.

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Nascent Soul stage level fighting was something that Hexi wasn't capable of partic.i.p.ating in yet.

After she threw the long sword over to Wu Xin, a sudden boom sounded out and Wu Xin flipped over in the air. As he grasped the long sword in his hand, he felt the spiritual power in his body surging and let out a surprised expression.

The Killing Sky sword was a unique, legendary spirit weapon, it's craftsmanship was only secondary to the Sealed Dragon sword.

The replica of the Killing Sky sword couldn't recreate the same power as the original sword, but compared to ordinary flying swords, it's power already far surpa.s.sed them.

As expected, after Wu Xin began using the Killing Sky sword, his strength suddenly rose. For a moment, Wu Xin and the cloaked man were evenly matched.

And the cloaked man's face changed colors when he saw this new advancement. Whilst he was fighting with Wu Xin, he also began to yell at Hexi, "Youngster, what kind of person are you? The Killing Sky sword has long been lost, even the replica of it hasn't been seen in the world for a hundred years. How come you have it in your hands?"

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