The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 485

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Chapter 485 n.o.body Can Escape

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"Since it's my crime, let me personally end everything. Let me personally end the cycle of nightmares that have plagued me for the past twenty years. Even if I have to face demons due to this one incident, I won't hesitate!"

Right after saying this, Gu Liufeng's long sword glinted in the light as it rose up. Then, it chopped down at Murong Feng.

Murong Feng's face was filled with fear and despair. He opened his mouth and seemed to have become hysterical, "You'll regret killing me… You'll soon join me, n.o.body can escape… Ha ha ha ha…"

Murong Feng's face felt as if it had a line drawn between the middle of his eyebrows down to his nose. Moments later, Gu Liufeng's long sword came crashing down right at this mark, perfectly splitting his face in half.

Boiling blood came sprouting out, splashing right onto Gu Liufeng.

It was obvious that he could've dodged all of the blood splashing on him, but he stood completely still, completely expressionless, allowing it to be sprayed onto him. The only thing that changed in him was that the decisiveness in his eyes became more and more apparent as the seconds ticked on.

From now on, Murong Liufeng and Murong manor ceased to exist in this world. There was only the Gu Liufeng who admired and vowed loyalty to Xi Yue.

Gu Liufeng abruptly turned around and knelt down on one knee in front of Hexi.

His sword was propped on the floor and his back was curved. On his face there was sincerity, serenity, and not a trace of humiliation, as he thanked, "Thanks to Master for allowing me to take revenge on my greatest enemy. It's just that this subordinate taking his own initiative may have caused Heaven to bring her wrath on the day that this subordinate advances in rank to Nascent Soul stage. At that time, it's quite possible that this subordinate won't be able to advance in rank and will therefore be unable to stay by Master's side…"

Hexi rubbed the gooseb.u.mps on her arm away and quickly interrupted Gu Liufeng, "What nonsense has gotten into you Gu Liufeng? Have your brains gone rotten after Murong Feng's blood splashed onto you? Can you speak properly?"

Unhappy, Hexi rolled her eyes. Following this, her face became dignified, "I've always thought that the words Murong Feng spoke before death's door has some deep meanings. Moreover, I feel a bad premonition, let's quickly leave…"

"O, depart from here, where do you guys want to go?" A deep and m.u.f.fled voice sounded out from the doorway, lacking any prior foreshadowing of it's entrance.

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Gu Liufeng and Hexi's faces both changed and showed displeasure. Without a second thought, both of their figures soared up.

They could both see that this cloth was just about to drop down and wrap them up. Hexi and Gu Liufeng's faces both immediately became unsightly.

Hexi had already begun to bleed from her mouth, this was because her cultivation level was still low. She didn't have the skill to contend against martial artists at Nascent Soul stage quite yet.

Suddenly, the sound of something tearing could be heard. Looking up revealed that the dark red cloth had been cut into seven or eight pieces by a long sword. Cut into tatters, each of the pieces were taken away by the wind, blown away to another place.

Hexi looked at Wu Xin, who was standing in front of both her and Gu Liufeng, and let loose a breath. Then immediately after, her hand flew to her stomach and she vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Xi Yue, are you okay?" Gu Liufeng worriedly supported her.

Hexi shook her head, "Nothing's wrong. Wu Xin, be careful, this person's cultivation level is higher than yours."

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