The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 480

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Chapter 480 Patricide?

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When he thought of this, an ominous glint sparked in Gu Liufeng's eyes. Seconds later, he disappeared from where he originally stood, like a phantom.

At first, Murong Feng was looking incredibly carefree as he stood there. Then, all of a sudden, he saw Gu Liufeng disappear and then saw his figure flash moments later. To his surprise, Gu Liufeng appeared not even five meters away from him.

Murong Feng paled from fright and took out his magic weapon, completely fl.u.s.tered.

He was the most skilled at refining pills in Murong family, even his cultivation level was only as a result of pills. He was Gold Core stage, but in reality, he wouldn't even be able to stand his ground under the attacks of someone at the initial stage of Gold Core stage.

And what about Gu Liufeng? His cultivation level was a result of a secret technique with the cost of burning away his life in order to forcibly rise in level. However, he had gone through a period of time that was filled with countless battles and self-discipline. He was also at the summit of Gold Core stage, how could Murong Feng, this coward, be his match?

Therefore, even a mere encounter with Gu Liufeng had Murong Feng wanting to shout for Gu Yidao to come "protect" him. But before he could order Gu Yidao to do so, he felt a pain emerge from his thigh. Immediately after, his entire person was ruthlessly thrown to the floor.

Natural silks [1] shot out from Gu Liufeng's hands and in the blink of an eye, Murong Feng was st.u.r.dily tied up with silks. 

On the other hand, Gu Yidao and Hexi were engaged in an intense knife fight.

But, in the end, a puppet was a puppet. Therefore, all his movements were mechanical and easily predictable. Even if he was at Gold Core stage, he was nothing more than a paper tiger.

Hexi only had to dodge a few times before she quickly found the hole in Gu Yidao's fighting.

After Gu Yidao swung his knife at her once more, her purple vine suddenly came out and tightly bound Gu Yidao's hands together.

Gu Yidao began to violently struggle once he was bound by the Purple Abyss Vine. Hexi took the opportunity to run forward with a silver needle in hand, accurately sticking it into the back of his head.

Not even a moment later, the originally struggling Gu Yidao slowly calmed down and eventually fell into a deep sleep.

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Gu Liufeng immediately threw Murong Feng, who had been tied up by the natural silks, to the side and hurried over to Gu Yidao's side. He anxiously asked Hexi, "Xi Yue, is my jiu jiu still savable?"

"Hai hai…" Murong Feng fell into a fit of heavy coughing, he looked at Gu Liufeng with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hatred and resentment. "You bast***, don't tell me you wish to commit patricide?"

"Patricide?!" Gu Liufeng acted as if he had heard the world's biggest joke. Blood rushed to his eyes and his face was full of taunting. "Murong Feng, do you think you're worthy of being my Father?"

"Does a Father watch as his own son is being abused and stand by like a bystander? Does a Father watch as his own child is being a.s.saulted and indifferently watch on?"

"And what Father would ignore his own child's face *** in front of his Mother, even going as far as to blackmail him?"

"And what Father would whip his own child and press a flatiron on his own child countless times, all in the name of forcing secrets out of his child?"

[1] natural silks – silk that comes from silkworms; a.k.a. silk created through natural processes

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