The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 48 – If It’s Cured?

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Chapter 48 – If It’s Cured?

But, after that?

After that she lost her only brother forever.

Looking at little girl’s desperate crying face, Hexi suddenly made up her mind, she really didn’t want for her to have an ending like her brother’s.

Everyone in the surrounding crowd, including shopkeeper Zhou, stared at Hexi with suspicion and doubt. However, how could Hexi care about their stares.

She squatted down and grasped the youth’s hand while three of her fingers pressed down on his wrist, quietly feeling the throb of his pulse.

The reddish gold colour of the setting sun graced the youth’s slender and fair hand, highlighting his well proportioned fingers like a piece of well carved art, but n.o.body could understand what this youth was doing.

Could it be that to diagnose the state of an illness, he didn’t have to use spiritual power to explore the person’s body to sense the movement of their spiritual energy and circ.u.mstances? But there wasn’t a trace of spiritual power being emitted from this youth’s body, how could he cure people?

He must be wanting to show off to please people, right?

Everyone’s gaze was full of loathing as they looked towards Hexi, even a trace of cold disdain flashed in doctor Xie’s eyes.

This kid hasn’t even finished growing his hair[1], yet he dared to disregard my words, he was simply asking for death!

Hexi continued taking the boy’s pulse for as long as it took an incense stick to burn. Everyone was starting to get impatient when she finally released the youth’s hand, and faintly said to the little girl, “Rest a.s.sured, I can treat your brother’s illness.”

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The little girl became dumbfounded upon hearing this, her lips trembling, she was speechless for quite a while.

Hexi raised her head to look into his eyes, her face showed a somewhat respectful expression as she slowly spoke, “I naturally know that a doctor’s concern towards human life isn’t simple, therefore, I never talk big in this regard.”

Heard what was said, doctor Xie coldly sneered, his face full of ridicule, “Inevitably, in this world there’s always someone who overestimates one’s capabilities, they dare to brag about anything in order to seek fame. Since you said you’re able to treat him, then we won’t stop you. But if your treatment is no good, if you don’t have even the simplest of abilities, then I’ll certainly have no choice but to report you to the doctor’s a.s.sociation to judge you guilty as a fake doctor.”

In this Mi Luo continent, the position and payment of a high rank doctor is extremely high. On top of that, even the lowest first rank doctor will hardly be seen in many remote places, leading to people pretending to be a doctor to show off and swindle others.

Therefore, in order to put an end to this phenomenon, every country made impersonating a doctor a heavy crime. The law punished the most serious criminals by cutting off all their fingers, abolishing their cultivation base, and forcing them to become a labourer in crystal mine for the rest of their lifetime.

However, the expression on Hexi’s face didn’t change a bit, and upon hearing what was said she coldly gazed at doctor Xie, “Oh? Then if I can cure him?”

[1]Refers to p.u.b.erty

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