The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 478

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Chapter 478 Good Father?

Immediately after uttering his question, he suddenly realized. The Murong Liufeng in the prison just then was a fake!

He didn't doubt or guess this, he was certain that this was true.

When he saw the coldness that enveloped Gu Liufeng's person, he realized that the real Gu Liufeng wouldn't show frightened or pleading expressions, even if his whole body was filled with bruises. And he definitely wouldn't be scared, crying, and begging for forgiveness.

You would be able to identify the true Gu Liufeng by just looking at his eyes. They were clear, fervent, and decisive-  Naturally his eyes were very different from Murong family's, so much so that Murong Feng even loathed them.

After thinking to thus far, Murong Feng suddenly became full of alarm. His eyes were wide with panic and with a trembling voice, he asked, "You… If you're here, then who is the Murong Liufeng in the prison?"

Gu Liufeng arrogantly looked at Murong Feng and coldly laughed at him. "Murong Feng you hid day after day in here, refining pills. Don't tell me that you didn't feel that you haven't seen your beloved son and wife for so many days?"

Murong Feng's temple palpitated and he recalled that Madam Murong's servant girl had told him several days before that both Madam Murong and Murong Linfeng were missing without a trace.

At the time his hands were full with refining pills and didn't have time to pay attention to some missing person. All he thought was that the two of them had gone somewhere to relieve their boredom.

Could it be that wasn't it? If it wasn't, where could they have gone?

Gu Liufeng lowly began to laugh, his laugh was laced with evil intentions. "What? You still haven't figured it out? Or could it be that you still don't want to believe things when they're right in front of you?"

"To tie a man up with black iron chains, to scald and whip him day and night, and to lock a woman in a tiny suitcase and arbitrarily bully and humiliate her in that dusky dungeon… Murong Feng, you're very clear on those feelings, right?"

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"But unknowingly, that person you scalded and whipped was your beloved son. The woman that you locked in a tiny suitcase and tortured until she turned into an idiot is your first wife. Who knows what you must be feeling now? Ha ha ha…"

Just as he finished saying these words, he clapped his hands. Suddenly, a figure rushed out from a secret door located behind the pill stove and flashed over to Gu Liufeng.

On the spot, Gu Liufeng rolled out of the way and was just about to retaliate. But when he saw the person in front of him, he involuntarily let out a cry of surprise, "Jiu jiu [1]?!"

The person that holding onto a knife and in the process of attacking him had lifeless eyes and a face full of unhealed scars. If it wasn't his jiu jiu, Gu Yidao, then who was it?

[1] jiu jiu (舅舅) – maternal uncle Translator Note I think the most ironic thing about Murong Feng is that even though he was a "good" father to Murong Linfeng, he still enabled and spoiled him, which in turn ruined him.

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