The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 477

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Chapter 477 How Come You’re Here?

If it weren't for support from above, their Murong family would've long been kicked out of the four most influential families.

Therefore when Sealed Dragon Domain's Secret Territory opened this time, they spent so much of Murong family's resources and human labor. They wished to obtain magic weapons and spiritual medicines in order to expand Murong manor's strength.

He didn't expect that even Murong family's strongest military strength ate a loss when entering inside.

Now, he was the sole martial artist at Gold Core stage, and his cultivation stage had only been obtained through the use of pills. It was so bad that even the businesses under Murong family were becoming restless.

And it was just in this time of danger that the black law protector gave them the pill prescription to Cold Food.

Murong Feng was originally a Pre-Master level refining pharmacist. When he had gotten his hands on the prescription for the Cold Food Pill, he was simply overjoyed.

As long as they got their hands on this prescription, they would be able to refine a steady supply of these pills. How could Murong family not become stronger then?

Even Murong family didn't have any martial artists at Gold Core stage to oversee things, he was confident that having Cold Food pills in his hand would be able to have ten or a hundred Gold Core stage martial artists bowing to them.

Now, after refining these Cold Food pills for a short month, Murong Feng was confident that he could already see the day when he would win success and recognition.

He he, that Cold Food pill had the ability to upgrade one's cultivation in a short period of time.

But this Cold Food pill was also highly poisonous and able to silently attract people, causing them to become depraved.

As long as someone took the Cold Food pill to a certain degree, they would become dependent and would find it hard to stand the withdrawal stage of the drug, regardless of their cultivation level.

By that time, forget about even asking them to buy the pill using crystal stones, even if Murong Feng asked them to kill people and commit arson, they wouldn't even hesitate to do it.

Even now, you can see that all the people who have purchased the Cold Food pill haven't stopped buying them.

In order for more people to become addicted to it, Murong Feng even sent some free Cold Food pills to outstanding youths from influential families and sects, earning their thanks and favor.

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Once the right time arrived, these people would become their puppets and involuntarily sacrifice themselves for Murong family, ha ha ha…

He was in the middle of his sentence when he found that no more sounds were coming out of his mouth. His eyes went wide and his whole face was full of disbelief. It was as if his voice had been cut off and couldn't be used again.

All Murong Feng saw was a youth carrying a sword slowly walking in through the door.

The man's features were romantic, his peach blossom eyes felt as if they sucked in peoples' souls, yet they still kept a cold light in them.

But a sinister-looking scar rested on this man's face, it horizontally ran from his forehead, pa.s.sing by his nose, and to his cheeks.

He held onto a long sword as he slowly walked inside. His clothes lifted up without wind and he held an unspeakable confidence that was clearly distinguished. He carried a feeling of frostiness and looked like a demon that had walked on red lotus petals to come here.

At the first glance Murong Feng took at this man he cried out in fear, "How come you're here Murong Liufeng?!!"

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