The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 476

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Chapter 476 Torture

His eyes were filled with pleading and dread and his mouth was wide open. But even after it was wide open for awhile, no sounds came out.

Murong Feng looked at the man that had been bound by black iron chains and sneered, "How is it Murong Liufeng? Do you still not wish to surrender? Do you want to continue watching your Mother being whipped?"

The man bound up desperately wanted to speak, but even though his mouth was wide open, he couldn't say a word. He was so frustrated that even tears began to roll down his face.

But apart from twisting his face, he couldn't make any other sounds.

"He he, forget it." Murong Feng serenely said, "I originally wanted to ask about that Genius Doctor Xi's ident.i.ty. But since you can't see good from bad, I'll just act as if I never had you, this son."

As Murong Feng was speaking, his face exposed a sinister and demonic expression. In one fell swoop, he ripped the man's half-on mask off. Soon, a beautiful face appeared in front of him, but his face was riddled with bright red scars.

"Now that our Murong family has the Cold Food pill prescription, that Genius Doctor Xi isn't significant anymore. But you, you're just like that coquettish and sly Mother of yours. Since birth till now, you've seduced countless people, correct?"

"Since it's like this, I'll just send you to the black law protector, Mr. Liao. He loves to play with handsome men the most. If he's happy with you, he'll feel more inclined to give us pill prescriptions that are better than Cold Food. You unfilial son can be considered to have made some contribution to Murong family, he he he…"

As Murong Feng was speaking, the man tied to the torture rack opened his eyes wide and his whole body was shaking.

Once Murong Feng finished his sentence, he immediately began to struggle. His mouth was wide open, as if he wanted to yell out.

However, apart from the clanking of the black iron chains, his throat seemed as if it had been pinched closed. Apart from ear-piercing "ah ah" sounds, he couldn't produce any other sounds.

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His tears and mucus filled his face, causing him to lack his ordinary quiet and proud aura. Instead, he seemed like a petty and low coward, it was truly pitiful.

He had long already come across Cold Food Pill, he had even fed Gu Youlan it for twenty years.

However, he had always only been able to get the finished product of Cold Food. He had never thought that his Murong family would be able to refine them.

Nowadays, each influential family in Yan Jing was becoming stronger and stronger, especially the newly risen Huangfu family. Huangfu even had a few experts at the summit of Gold Core stage. And their Murong family was becoming weaker and weaker as time went on. Gold Core stage martial artists were few and far in between, the medicinal hall market place had been completely dominated by Nalan family and Sheng De Hall, and they were completely unable to get involved with the army.

*In some novels there are certain cultivation method(s) that allow an individual to basically suck/absorb all the nutrients out of someone through having s*x with them one or more times

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