The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 473

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Chapter 473 Filthy Person

The little boy wiped the blood off his face and proceeded to stick his chest out. He set off the feeling of 'I'm not scared at all' whilst staring directly at Hexi.

This tsundere act he put on caused Hexi to be unable to stop herself from laughing out loud.

The little boy's face turned red and he immediately turned around to run away. Still carrying the machete, he ran over to the front of the cages and began to directly hack at the locks on them. Once he opened them he took each of the children out, one by one.

By this time, Gu Liufeng had already single-handedly brought all of the people in the bas.e.m.e.nt down.

He stood atop the mountain of corpses in the sea of blood with his long sword directly pointed at one of the old men who refined pills and coldly questioned, "Tell me, what was the purpose of you kidnapping and bringing so many children here?"

"Spare my life, spare my life daoist immortal ah… We were only hired here to refine Supplement Spirit and Cleaning Spirit Pills for these children, we don't know anything else ah!"

"Begging daoist immortal to spare my life. We're actually all Murong family's people, if you killed us, Murong family wouldn't let you off."

"If… If there are children of immortals in this group and daoist immortal takes them away…"

Before the old man could complete his sentence Gu Liufeng had already cut his head off. His head flew off and onto the floor. Just like this, the man breathed his last breath.

He then walked over to Chen Laoba, whose hand had been cut off. Pressing the pointed edge of the blade against his neck, he slowly asked, "Tell me, what does Murong Feng want to do with all these children? And where did you steal all these children from?"

Chen Laoba had already watched with his own eyes as Gu Liufeng killed and slaughtered all his companions. He had long already been scared witless, and peeing on the floor as he watched.

He cradled his own snapped off arm and with a trembling voice he said, "I… I don't know anything. We're only in charge of removing blood from these children's bodies. The people above require three basins full of blood every day, moreover, the blood must be from virgin males and females who possess spiritual roots. As to what exactly the blood is for, we don't know ah!"

Gu Liufeng's eyes shifted over to the blood-filled copper basins. They were about the size of a well and knee-high. This much blood… How many virgin boys and girls were required to fill these up?

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Gu Liufeng coldly stated, "You guys were able to bring so many children here? Especially children with spiritual roots…"

Chen Laoba remembered that he had once cut some of the children's throats like so. He watched as they struggled, howled in pain, and still watched as their blood slowly flowed out, eventually bringing an end to their young lives.

At the time he was so excited, so proud of himself ah. But now times had changed and karma had come so quickly!

Once the Purple Abyss Vine finished sucking the body dry, successfully turning it into a dried out corpse, it shook it's leaves and disdainfully cast the body aside. It then flew over to Hexi, happily returning into her hands.

Hexi moved to pet the vine's shaking leaves before turning to address Gu Liufeng, slowly saying, "On the world there isn't filthy blood, only filthy people. n.o.body can determine their birth, but at the very least, we can determine what path we walk on."

[1] street urchin – a child who spends most, if not all, of their time on the streets, usually located in slum areas

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