The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 472

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Chapter 472 Killing A Superior

Chen Laosi suddenly became even more enraged, irritated from his comrades teasing. Raising the child even higher up in the air, he motioned to ruthlessly slam the child onto the ground.

"Ai ai, Chen Laosi, don't become befuddled. Master spent countless pills to obtain these children in order to turn them into culture fluid. The culture fluid must survive, if you allow the precious culture fluid to fall to it's death, you'd have to be careful not to let the Master skin you!"

Chen Laosi's face turned sinister and abruptly pressed the child down on a chopping block. He looked down at the child with an evil smile painted on his face. "Even if I can't kill him, I can chop his hands and feet off. Letting his blood flow a little bit won't cause harm, right?"

"Eldest brother- brother-! Don't kill eldest brother… Wu wu wu" The children from that cage let out heart tearing cries when they heard what the man said.

The boy that was held down on the chopping board also struggled under Chen Laosi's hold, but his strength was no match for Chen Laosi's.

The little boy looked up and saw Chen Laosi raising the large knife higher and higher. Then, he watched as the knife began nearing himself more and more. Without another option, the little boy closed his eyes in desperation.

But, after a few moments, he felt none of the pain he had originally antic.i.p.ated.

Instead, he heard a loud 'peng' sound come from the side of his ear. It was the sound of the large knife falling to the floor.

Following this, the entire bas.e.m.e.nt became chaotic.

The little boy cautiously opened his eyes to see and saw two figures slowly walking over from outside the dark and light boundary.

The person walking in front had delicate, handsome features, but their face held an unsightly, bright red scar. In his hand he held a flying sword that was bursting with coldness.

As for Chen Laosi, who was just about to chop his limbs off, he was already rolling around on the floor, clutching onto the b.l.o.o.d.y remnants of his arm and screaming out in agony.

"Who are you guys? Do you know what place this is?!"

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The bas.e.m.e.nt had turned chaotic and disorderly. Even the several old men who were originally refining pills had come over to check out the huge commotion.

Blood splattered everywhere and the warm, fishy smelling substance sprayed onto the little boy's face.

For a moment, he blanked out before returning back to his senses. There wasn't an iota of fear in his eyes, there was only a thick sense of hatred.

The little boy felt eyes on the back of his head and turned around to see, only to meet Hexi's smiling yet not smiling eyes.

The youth residing outside of the dark and light boundary had clean, white jade-like skin and bright red lips. But, their eyes oozed iciness, it felt like crystal-clear spring water that was both remote and cold.

Those bright red lips were slightly turned up. The expression they looked at him with was so aloof, so indifferent, yet it was what enticed him into wanting to approach them more, to long to near them.

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