The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 470

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Chapter 470 Brutes?!

The Little Golden Dragon now had the ability to transform itself into other animals. However, it was limited to small animals and animals that had similar body types to it's own.

If it were to transform into a large elephant, it's spiritual power would be wiped out in just three seconds and it would return back to it's original form.

The ordinary, black lizard ran over to the front of Murong Feng's study. Then, it slipped in through one of the cracks without anyone noticing.

After a short amount of time pa.s.sed, Hexi was contacted by the Little Golden Dragon and received news. "Lao da, it's absolutely empty in here, there are no people. But, I do sense yin-cold permeating below this room."

Hexi and Gu Liufeng both turned to look at each other. A rock quietly flew out of Hexi's sleeves and went under a distant underbrush.

'Chi la' sounded out in the quiet night, alarming the surrounding guards.

The few people quietly shouted, "Who is it?" Each of the guards began to make their way over to the direction of the underbrush.

At the same time, Hexi and Gu Liufeng seized the opportunity to slip into the study unnoticed. Simultaneously, the Purple Vine came out and created a barrier around the study.

"Little Yue'er, quickly come and see!" Gu Liufeng's voice suddenly echoed in Hexi's ears.

Hexi turned around and saw that his hand was pressing down on a black, flying serpent sculpture.

The soaring serpent sculpture was resting on a shelf that displayed various other antiques. If one merely glanced at the sculpture in pa.s.sing, it would be considered completely ordinary. But, if one carefully examined it, they would discover that this flying serpent sculpture actually wasn't made out of iron or jade. It's surface was exceedingly glossy, as if people frequently touched it.

Gu Liufeng's face became heavier and he slowly remarked, "I once witnessed Murong Feng cleaning the dust off this soaring serpent."

Once he said this, his hand suddenly violently turned the flying serpent's head around. Immediately after he did so, 'ka ka' sounds were heard.

A moment later, the shelf moved on either side, opening up a dark pa.s.sageway. The pa.s.sage used limestone slates as steps. When these were stepped on, it caused a bone chilling feeling to emerge in a person.

Both of their faces were grave. Following the steps, they quickly walked further down.

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Soon, Hexi was able to hear several young children's voices crying and begging for forgiveness.

The left side was set up like a refining pills room. Several grizzly bearded old men were currently maintaining a spiritual fire whilst watching the circ.u.mstances in the pill cauldron.

It was just that the right side of this bas.e.m.e.nt was like a b.l.o.o.d.y slaughterhouse, creating a stark contrast with the left side.

There were over a hundred cages that were all densely packed on the floor. In each cage there were two children locked inside.

There were a mix of boys and girls in the cages. The oldest children Hexi could see were about eight of nine years old while the youngest seemed to be three or four years old.

They looked like animals that were just shoved and locked in a cage. Some of the children were crying, others were begging for forgiveness, a few were angrily shouting insults, and there were even a couple that were blankly staring off into s.p.a.ce, completely at a loss at what to do.

Beside all of the cages there were seven or eight children suspended in the air. Each of their carotid arteries (major blood vessels in the neck) had been cut open, allowing for blood to freely flow out. The blood dripped down into a copper basin on the floor, taking only moments to completely fill to the brim.

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