The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 469

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Chapter 469 Murong Feng’s Study

Just after saying this, her entire person jumped out of the window and began floating high up in the sky. Then, using qinggong, she flew across the roof and into the darkness with Gu Liufeng following behind.

Wu Xin's person silently disappeared into the night without a trace, it was just as if he was never there.

Before half an incense stick finished burning, both Hexi and Gu Liufeng had arrived at Murong manor.

Just like before, there were many guards in Murong manor. However, unlike last time when she had come to save Gu Liufeng, all the guards seemed more relaxed.

Using his divine knowledge, Gu Liufeng quietly and carefully swept his eyes over the entire manor. After he confirmed that there were no martial artists stronger than himself, he let out a breath that he didn't realize he had been holding.

 This proved that, that ash cloaked man Hexi encountered the previous time wasn't in Murong manor at the current moment.

The two people relaxed made themselves comfortable on the roof. Gu Liufeng leaned closer to Hexi and whispered in her ear, "I don't know where they stored the information that could be used against me. However, from my memories, I remember that Murong family has a forbidden area in the manor. In my childhood, I recall that Murong Linfeng accidentally went in there once and even he had been firmly chided afterward."

"Where is it?"

Gu Liufeng's eyes darkened at the question. "It's Murong Feng's study."

Murong Feng was Gu Liufeng's father, at the very least he was his father by blood.

It was just that this so-called father was a brute that tortured both him and his mother.

Gu Liufeng paused and deeply sucked in a breath before continuing, "Each month, Murong Feng goes into the study for a long time. Once there was even a time where he brought my mother into the study… But after my mother came back, she became even crazier and every inch of her skin was damaged."

"How could an ordinary person stay in the study for such a long time?" Hexi knit her brow and continued, "Only if it wasn't a study in the first place. Wouldn't it be better if we went there first to explore around the area?"

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The two people's figures flashed and noiselessly began heading in the direction of Murong Feng's study.

She paused and glanced at the Little Golden Dragon's thin body and swaying claws before proceeding to instruct, "Change into a lizard and enter this study. Once inside, explore everything inside and report back."

Once the Little Golden Dragon heard her orders, it immediately opened it's mouth to lowly shout, "Lao da I'm a dragon, ah, not a snake! Not even just a dragon, I'm a golden dragon. How can you ask others to change into a lizard?! This is asking me to lower my status too much!"

"O, you aren't willing. Ah, I'll just forget about it. In the future when I make any foods, you can also…"

"Don't! Don't!" Once it heard Hexi mentioning her foods, the Little Golden Dragon panicked. Immediately, it pointed it's finger at the sky and vowed, "Lao da rest a.s.sured. Isn't it just turning into a lizard and exploring the area? If I'm unable to complete this then I'm not fit to be your xiao di."

Once it made it's vow, it seemed as if it was scared that Hexi would change her mind and it's figure flashed. Soon after an ordinary black lizard appeared in it's place.

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