The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 468

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Chapter 468 Not Reciprocating Would Be Rude

"However…" The m.u.f.fled voice paused for a second before continuing on, "There isn't that much coincidence in the world. That Genius Doctor Xi you speak of has too perfect timing. Even if he isn't the refining pharmacist, he certainly has a connection with the refining pharmacist."

"Go secretly dig for information, but before you find out what's happening on the opponent's side, don't act blindly."

At once, Feng Tianba and Feng Yunjing stood up from their sitting positions and bowed toward the voice. "Yes Honored Sir."

Then, the two people slowly walked away from this foggy mountain and river area. On the way back, Feng Tianba said, "Yunjing, this time when you go to Jin Ling country, you must discover Genius Doctor Xi's ident.i.ty. The best scenario would be to bring him back to Feng family."

"I understand father," Feng Yunjing coldly agreed to the order and bowed his head, but a flash of cutting edge went through his eyes went undetected when he did so.

Xi Yue, wait for me! Soon, I'll make you into one of my people!

»»————- ✼ ————-««

In the dead of the night, two figures silently landed on the window sill of Sheng De Hall's second floor.

Gu Liufeng who had originally been sleeping soundly on the second floor seemed to have experienced some sort of reaction. Suddenly awakening, he spoke into the darkness with a deep, quiet voice, "Who is it?"

Under the moon's weak light a beautiful and delicate youthful face appeared and behind her there was a detached and bitingly cold male that was faintly perceptible.

Surprised, Gu Liufeng said, "Little Yue'er, how come it's you?"

Hexi lightly jumped off the window sill and landed in front of Gu Liufeng. 

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By now, Gu Liufeng snapped out of his initial shock and a smile that wasn't a smile could faintly be seen on his face as he teased, "Little Yue'er, it's the dead of the night and you're rushing into my room, are you planning to sneak attack me? Really, if Little Yue'er wants my hug, it's available to you at anytime."

Flabbergasted, Gu Liufeng asked, "What operation?"

In Hexi's eyes, a hint of icy edge appeared in her eyes as she serenely answered, "Isn't there still have information in Murong manor that can be used against you? It just so happens that it's overdue for me to give Murong Linfeng, that mother and son pair, their Easing Tendons Pill. Adding onto this was their visit, or provocation, today. It'd be rude of us not to reciprocate… It would be good for us to return the compliment tonight."

Gu Liufeng's eyes suddenly brightened and his mood surged up and down. When he spoke, his voice was slightly shaking, "Little Yue'er, you…"

Although Hexi's words were cold, Gu Liufeng knew that if it weren't for the information that could be used against him and his own hatred, Hexi would not take the risk to go back to Murong manor, nor would she bring along one of Ming w.a.n.g manor's Nascent Soul stage guards.

The purple vine in Hexi's hands flew out and wrapped itself around Gu Liufeng's body. Sneering, "Since Murong family dares to court risks, tonight we'll nicely help them succeed."

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