The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 465 Forever Be Unable To Open Their Eyes Again!

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After saying that, he took the porcelain bottle and turned to face everyone lined up outside Sheng De Hall and loudly yelled, “Did you guys clearly hear what I said? Quickly come and teach a lesson to these two youngsters. As long as you do as I say, there will be boundless pills for you…”

Murong Qian Jian still hadn’t finished speaking when a light sword streaked across. Murong Qian Jian’s mouth was still moving, but his head had flown up into the air.

Fright slowly appeared in his eyes as he looked down at his headless body that was spewing blood everywhere.

After that, he forever lost consciousness.

Gu Liufeng leisurely came over to retrieve his sword and smiled, “Is there anyone else that wishes to replace our family’s gongzi as Master of Sheng De Hall?”

The people from influential families, who had been restless up until now, kept quiet out of fear and didn’t even dare to speak half a word.

Xi San walked over to the crowd with a face full of smiles, “Everybody, Yan Jing city prohibits fighting, but everyone here clearly saw that we were the victims today. This group of people were the first to act against us. When the imperial guard comes to investigate, everyone has to help us out, ah.”

“In addition, in order to make up for the fright everyone just received, the amount of pills available for purchase today is up by 10%.”

Once Xi San made this announcement, everyone felt overjoyed at the news and immediately threw all matters related to the fight to the very back of their minds.

The amount of pills available to be sold was just increased by 10%, this meant that their chances of buying pills also became larger.

Hexi slowly made her way over to the four* martial artists that had been humiliated and beaten by Murong Qian Jian and threw out a few pill bottles to them.

The four people woodenly accepted the bottle. Soon after, they opened the lids and sucked in a breath.

Heavens! It was actually best quality pills, three whole best quality pills!

The four people held onto the pills with shaking hands. The martial artist who had been beaten first said with a trembling voice, “What… What did we do to deserve this?”

“This is what you deserve.” Hexi indifferently continued explaining, “It’s also to express thanks for you four protecting Sheng De Hall.”

The four people looked at each other and felt overjoyed. But, they all felt that they had just b.u.mped into unexpected good luck.

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The martial artists waiting in line outside were so vexed they pounded their chests.

For a few moments, everyone kept quiet out of fear and looked at Hexi with reverence.

Hexi no longer spoke and faintly smiled at the sight. Then, she turned around and made her way to Sheng De Hall’s inner courtyard with Gu Liufeng following behind her.

As for the people outside Sheng De Hall, they resumed to line up and wait for their turn.

Once they entered the back courtyard, Gu Liufeng couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Little Yue’er, you can actually emit a Nascent Soul stage’s spiritual pressure? How exactly did you do that?”

Hexi merely mysteriously smiled, “Mountain people possess brilliant schemes!”

Once she said that, she didn’t bother waiting for Gu Liufeng’s response before minding her own business and leaving.

*author’s inconsistency

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