The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 464 Forgive Me, It’s Hard To Comply!

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For a few moments, it was completely silent within Sheng De Hall.

Everyone looked at the male holding the sword with gazes full of shock. He didn’t look to be particularly outstanding and his spiritual power fluctuations weren’t very obvious, yet he was actually an expert at Gold Core stage?

Faced with this unforeseen circ.u.mstance, Murong Qian Jian’s face was deathly pale. His guards had actually be cleanly slaughtered in an instant during this face off.

Not knowing what to do, he looked around at everyone. Suddenly, he felt the porcelain bottle that he had just s.n.a.t.c.hed minutes before and was filled with happiness again. Running over to the people standing at the end of the line, he loudly said in front of everyone, “You… You guys, any one of you guys, as long as you can help me capture those two youngsters, my Sheng De Hall will give you an unlimited supply of pills in the future.”

When Murong Qian Jian said these words, many people in the crowd looked at the full porcelain bottle in his hands and felt moved, “Are Third Young Master’s words serious?”

When Murong Qian Jian saw people genuinely responding to his announcement, he felt overwhelmed with joy and confidently answered back, “Of course, this Young Master has already previously stated that this Sheng De Hall is my Murong family’s business.”

He looked down at the crowd and saw that many people were still hesitating and then looked back over at Gu Liufeng who had just picked up the flying sword and felt incredibly anxious.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Zhou Yan’an who had just walked out and felt overjoyed. Toward Zhou Yan’an, he arrogantly said, “I recognize you. You… You’re that dog slave that follows Murong Liufeng’s side right? I heard that there’s third ranked pills in Sheng De Hall, quick bring them out for this Young Master.”

All he got in response was Zhou Yan’an’s cold and angry face staring back at him, not speaking nor moving.

Murong Qian Jian suddenly became extremely angry and began to abuse him, “d.a.m.n thing, did you not hear what this Young Master said? Still not running to bring third ranked pills for me? Do you trust me when I say that I’ll have you kicked out of Sheng De Hall?”

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Zhou Yan’an’s character had always been that of a n.o.bleman, upright and proper. At this moment, even though he had been angered so thoroughly he was shaking and his face was icy cold, his words still held courtesy when he said, “Forgive me, it’s hard to comply!”

“Secondly, this Sheng De Hall has already been pa.s.sed out to another person by our previous Master. Furthermore, this young gongzi is Sheng De Hall’s Master’s trusted aide and currently deals with all of Sheng De Hall’s matters.”

“Your Murong family’s endless pestering lacks all reasoning!”

When Murong Qian Jian heard what was said, he became enraged. “Bullsh**! You saying it’s transferred means it’s transferred? Who in Yan Jing city doesn’t know that Gu Liufeng is Murong Liufeng? Did he ask for Murong family’s consent when he transferred ownership of the shop? As long as Murong family doesn’t agree, this transfer doesn’t count.”

“What bullsh** gongzi? It’s best for him to obediently leave, otherwise if they provoke my Murong family, there won’t be many good things happening to them!”

Translator Note what a truly idiotic person… the amount of frustration that I had when translating this chapter was crazy… if I was Zhou Yan’an, I would’ve slapped that fool a loooong time ago

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