The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 463 What Are You?

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Soon after, blood began to quickly flow out of his crotch area.

The person who was arrogant just moments before was now rolling about on the floor and wailing in pain.

“Who was it?!” The young man who had been called Third Young Master of the Murong family had been scared stupid by the sudden scene before him. But soon after, he became angry and hot blooded again, “You even dare to attack my, this Young Master’s, people? Are you tired of living?”

As soon as he voiced his questions, he saw two men come out of Sheng De Hall’s inner courtyard’s doors.

The male was walking slightly ahead of the other wore coa.r.s.e, hemp clothes and he looked to be no more than about sixteen or seventeen years old. His lips were red and his teeth were white, he was incomparably beautiful. However, from head to toe, no spiritual power fluctuations could be sensed throughout his entire body, yet his eyes seemed to carry frostiness, causing people to feel cold.

The person following behind the youth had a slender figure and common looks. He emitted a faintly detectable powerful force that pressed down on people once he arrived. In his hands, he held a sword, clear evidence that he was the one who had just acted against the large man.

Naturally, these two people were Hexi and Gu Liufeng.

Today, Xi San was the one overlooking the hall. When he saw that the circ.u.mstances were turning for the worst, he immediately made the decision to run into the inner courtyard and bring Hexi and Gu Liufeng out.

On Gu Liufeng’s face, he wore a special human skin mask, so other people were unable to recognize him.

Hexi looked at the fellow that proclaimed himself as the Third Young Master of the Murong family and sneered at him, “What are you?”

“You don’t even recognize me? You actually dare to appear in Sheng De Hall?!” The youth burst into laughter before continuing, “listen properly, I’m called Murong Qian Jian, I’m Murong manor’s Third Young Master. This Sheng De Hall is my Murong family’s property, so naturally it’s my property as well.”

“You little bast*** even dare to move against me, you’re simply too impatient to continue living. I’m telling you, if you’re sensitive, you would obediently kneel down and apologize to me right now. Otherwise, in the future, I’ll have you blacklisted from Sheng De Hall. When that happens, don’t even talk about medicine, we wouldn’t even sell some gra.s.s to you. Ha ha ha…”

Hexi coldly looked at the arrogant youth as if she were looking at a dead person.

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Even if she knew that there were countless children that belonged to Murong family that couldn’t be publicly seen, calling the idiot in front of her a straw bag would be elevating his status.

Once the light sword was in the air, it split into a dozen or so separate swords and rushed toward each of the guards.

After a moment, all that people heard were loud ‘peng’ sounds. Before everyone could collect their thoughts, those fiends already had fright painted all over their faces as they foolishly looked at their abdomens.

All they saw was a large gaping hole in their abdomen area. Blood was gushing out of it and they could even faintly make out their internal organs in the blood.

Those people’s eyes were full of amazement and despair, but before they could utter their last words, they fell onto the ground with a thump and lost their lives.

[1] Murong Qian Jian – 千 (qian) means thousand and 剑 (jian) means sword, more specifically, it’s a double-edged sword

*he’s saying it arrogantly

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