The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 462 Sheng De Hall Is Murong Family’s?

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Someone suddenly resentfully shouted from the crowd, “What’s going on with Murong family? Aren’t other aristocrats obediently lined up here? Sheng De Hall already announced that you must line up if you want to buy pills. Why are you making such a ruckus?”

When the leader of the group heard the shouts, he coldly sneered, “Line up? Ha ha, that really is a joke as big as the sky. I’ve never heard of a Master needing to line up in their own shop.”

“Youngster, have you grown brains yet? I* will let you learn today!”

When he finished speaking, his subordinates rushed over, and without waiting for people to react, they knocked the martial artist, who was speaking, down to the ground and began to step all over and kick at his legs and feet.

At this moment, Sheng De Hall’s guards finally reacted and rushed over, intending to drive these people out.

But, the people who arrived were actually high level Meridians stage martial artists, not only that, they all had high quality magic weapons. Momentarily, the four guards stopped. They could only blankly watch on as they overturned those few Foundation Establishment guards and took all of the pills at the front desk. All of the surrounding martial artists, who were watching this group steal, felt injustice rise in them and some of them wanted to lend a helping hand.

The large person that headed the group merely sneered, “What are you guys doing? I’m telling you, if you dare to make a move, don’t even think about buying a thing from Sheng De Hall in the future!”

“Why? What are you worth?”

The large person didn’t get to respond before he heard a male’s cold voice sound out from the doorway, “Based on the fact that I’m this place’s owner!”

They saw that the male looked to be about twenty years old. He had a beautiful appearance, but his eyes were steely and his face was harsh.

His hands were clasped behind his back as he slowly walked to the front. Coldly laughing he said, “This entire Sheng De Hall is my Murong family’s. Tell me, on what basis would I not be able to ban you from buying Sheng De Hall’s things?”

“Impossible! Sheng De Hall’s Master doesn’t even have the surname Murong! What evidence do you have that says Sheng De Hall is Murong family’s?!”

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“But I heard that Sheng De Hall’s previous Master was Gu Liufeng, who is actually someone from Murong family.”

The three people were extremely vexed and their whole bodies shook as they struggled to get free.

But despite their struggling, the fact was that they were only at Foundation Establishment stage and furthermore, they were one person versus multiple. How could they be Murong family’s opponents?

The several people that held the three men down all burst into laughter, “For us to let you crawl under our leader’s crotch is us looking highly upon you! As long as you obediently crawl and kowtow in apology to our Third Young Master, we’ll give you a whole bottle of pills after!”

Everyone saw the three people almost nearing the large man’s crotch when suddenly a sword flashed like lightning as it struck something.

The large man that had previously been lifting his leg in preparation for those three men to crawl under him suddenly let out a blood curdling scream.

*he’s saying I arrogantly

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