The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 459 The Dismal Ji Sheng Hall

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For a moment, it was absolutely silent in front of Sheng De Hall. Even the fiendish old man and his several guards were shocked speechless.

That was actually a full set of fourth ranked clothes, ah! Even one piece of those clothes would be worth about a million yuan crystals. If the whole suit were to be calculated, you wouldn’t be able to beat it without at least twenty million yuan crystals.

Huangfu family’s old housekeeper’s face was filled with shock and bewilderment.

These were nothing more than guards for a medicinal hall, yet they actually wore clothes that cost upwards of ten million yuan crystals. Even the rich and imposing Huangfu family would be reluctant to do so. Just who was the new Master of Sheng De Hall?

In moments, the people who wanted to take advantage of this crisis for their own personal gains and argue against Sheng De Hall’s new stipulations no longer dared to act rashly.

This large show showed how big a hand Sheng De Hall’s new Master had. Everyone now believed that this new Master must’ve come out of a large sect or large influential family and collectively decided not to act rashly without understanding everything about the situation.

After successfully pa.s.sing this seven days test, Sheng De Hall was officially opening for business, and naturally, it was doing exceptionally well.

Over the following days, the medicinal hall’s newly hired servants’ feet barely touched the ground, they barely had the time to spare effort to drink their saliva and pant.

Each day, shopkeeper Zhou and Xi San were all smiles as they busied themselves with watching the rising income.

By contrast, Ji Sheng Hall, which had been full of people just days before, now sat unfrequented and incomparable to Sheng De Hall.

After all, their medicines couldn’t compare to other medicinal halls and their hall’s doctor was only a first rank doctor whilst Zhou Yan’an was at the very least a second rank doctor.

Adding onto this was the fact that Sheng De Hall’s reputation had always been good, better than Ji Sheng Hall’s. So, now that they were selling best quality pills, people would naturally rush to go buy from Sheng De Hall.

Ji Sheng Hall’s waiters, little manservants, and part-time workers all miserably looked toward the lively Sheng De Hall across from them and heaved a sigh.

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At this moment, they suddenly saw a man that looked to be about fifty years old. His face didn’t necessarily look pure as he was slowly walking into Ji Sheng Hall.

“Ever since Sheng De Hall began to sell these pills, all of the customers began to line up there. Adding onto that is the fact that Zhou Yan’an is a second rank doctor and Ji Sheng Hall only has xiao de [1] to oversee it, so… So…”

Doctor Gu’s words were spoken very cautiously.

He alongside Ji Sheng Hall’s shopkeeper and waiters had all been directly employed to work here.

The person that hired them was exactly this Doctor Chang’s Master. His Master was a man whose clothes were gray, wore a windbreaker and cloak which covered his facial features.

*He’s saying you respectfully

[1] xiao de – way of addressing oneself when speaking to a superior

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