The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 457 Spending Money Like Flood Waters

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Hexi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and looked at him with a blank glance. “You’re at the summit of Gold Core stage and I’m only at low level Foundation Establishment stage. What treasures could I have on my hand that could catch your eye?”

Gu Liufeng didn’t respond to her, he only mildly laughed in response and unblinkingly looked at her with a burning gaze.

Hexi felt increasingly uncomfortable under his gaze and with a flick of her wrist, two storage rings appeared in between them. She threw them to him and unhappily said, “Don’t speak, I want to bully you the same way you just bullied me.”

Gu Liufeng took a look inside the storage rings and found that both of them were filled with crystal stones. Moreover, the lowest rank was a second rank crystal stone. With the two storage rings combined, there seemed to be about seventy to eighty million crystals.

He laughed and said, “Master, is this your plan? To use your coins and crush your subordinate to death?”

Hexi cast him a glance, “Your job is to properly help the four people, arriving at Sheng De Hall this afternoon, adjust. I hope that they can cause people to cower at the sight of them by the time they go out and control the crowds tomorrow.”

Hexi mischievously laughed, “Even if our military force is weak, we must smash our crystal rocks on outsiders, then they won’t dare to act blindly without thinking!”

Gu Liufeng took the storage rings and stored them away. A smile bloomed on his face at Hexi’s words, a smile that was indolent and demonically charming. “I chased for so long, yet in the end, these two storage rings aren’t even for me. How ironic, I’m your first subordinate, yet I’m treated so.”

He saw Hexi fix him with a cold stare and couldn’t help but rub his nose and laugh, “Okay, even though I wasn’t given a first meeting gift, the feeling of taking Master’s money and dressing up as a local tyrant and smas.h.i.+ng people isn’t too bad either.”

“Rest a.s.sured. Wait until tomorrow, you’ll see four golden rays flas.h.i.+ng from swords to people who don’t watch their mouths!”

Finished speaking, Gu Liufeng played with the storage rings in his hand before turning around to leave.

He left behind Hexi, who was stood completely still. Her originally icy face transformed and a tiny trace of pain made its way onto it.

How come her originally bulging purse was reduced to half the size in just half a day’s worth of work?

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And don’t even mention the treasures she raked in during her time in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. Even the crystal stones she earned from selling her pills were practically all gone.

But, what gave everyone lined up a pleasant surprise was the fact that, today, Sheng De Hall decided to open shop earlier than expected.

Not only that, there was a male that claimed himself as Shopkeeper Xi who appeared in front of everyone. With a wide smile stretched across his face, he announced in front of everyone, “These last few days has been Sheng De Hall’s experiment with reopening business. Today, we’ve officially decided to reopen Sheng De Hall.”

“In order to show our thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic support over these past few days, we’ve decided to greatly increase the amount of pills that can be bought today, as well as the time you have to buy them.”

After saying this, Xi San slightly turned around to point at the medicine cupboard. On the cupboard there were various porcelain bottles all neatly arranged. “Today we’ve made three thousand best quality pills and ten thousand top quality pills available for purchase. Among this is also one hundred second ranked best quality pills. Of course, in the future and depending on the situation, we may decide to release a few third ranked best quality pills to the public.”

Once Xi San’s final words were out in the open, the raptly listening crowd immediately exploded and everyone’s voices could be heard speaking at once.

Second ranked and third ranked best quality pills?! That implied that these pills would have significant results on Meridians stage and Gold Core stage martial artists! Even Nascent Soul stage martial artists could receive some benefits from these pills! Moreover, this could all occur without any poisoning… Just what type of best quality holy pill was this, ah?

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