The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 456 Liberal With Money

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Mei Ru Yan took out a small bell that was about the size of a palm and remarked with a trembling voice, “This… This is a Dreaming Soul Bell, it’s the best attack weapon for martial artists practicing Demonic Techniques!”

The few people looked at each other in dismay. They had been shocked by their family’s new Master’s liberalness with money.

Zhou Huai’an swallowed his saliva, “Ge, do you know why we’ve suddenly received a new Master? Why would Young Master rely on him? Moreover, it’s rumoured that the new pills Sheng De Hall has been selling lately have all been brought in by him… This person wouldn’t be an aristocrat of some large, influential family, right?”

Zhou Yan’an curled his lip and darkly replied, “You’re surprised by this?”

If they were to know that the top quality and high ranked pills being sold in Sheng De Hall were all single-handedly refined by Xi gongzi, wouldn’t they be scared to death?

But, this fact was truly too important. Even if all the people in front of him were trustworthy, Zhou Yan’an still didn’t dare to say anything.

He merely coughed under his breath and said, “This Xi gongzi is the same Genius Doctor Xi that I told you guys about previously. He has given our Master a great favor, not only has he helped Master bring his Mother out of Murong family’s grip, he’s even slowly helping heal her of her sickness.”

“It can be said that Young Master’s life is Xi gongzi’s, so naturally, our lives are also Xi gongzi’s. In the future, we must treat Xi gongzi as our true Master.”

After saying this, Zhou Yan’an pointed at the porcelain bottle in Chen Bai’s hands and said, “Trust me. As long as you guys listen to gongzi’s words, the benefits you’ll have in the future will be boundless.”

Everyone looked at the porcelain bottle in Chen Bai’s hands and suddenly their gazes were burning again.

If Xi gongzi were to give them a similar top quality pill, then their rank upgrade would be just around the corner!

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Hexi looked at his demonically charming expression and gleaming peach blossom eyes. His entire person felt as if it had returned to it’s languid and rascally self that was present in Sealed Dragon Domain.

But what was different from then and now was that he was no longer wearing a mask and the grief and melancholy that once resided at the bottom of his eyes was gone. It was evident that he had let go of his previous sorrows.

When he saw Hexi closely staring at him without speaking, Gu Liufeng lowly coughed and suddenly smiled, “Little Xue’er, it can’t be seen but you’re quite liberal with your money towards this subordinate’s people, ah. I saw the charms that you gave Chen Bai and the others. I’m telling you, those are worth seventy or eighty million yuan crystals.”

“But Little Xue’er, you can’t favor one and discriminate the other, ah! I’m still the first person to follow you, right? Speaking of this, how come everyone else has had a first meeting gift, including Zhou Yan’an, but I haven’t gotten mine?”

While Gu Liufeng was speaking these words, he was leaning on one of the pavilions’s pillars. His mouth was faintly lifted into a ghost of a smile and his peach blossom eyes were full of joy. His entire person emitted an outstanding aura that couldn’t be properly described, yet the words he spoke were that of a spoilt child that was throwing a tantrum.

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