The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 453 Giving You Guys An Opportunity

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The build up before the climax had been immense, but Gu Liufeng’s words were few when they finally reached the top. But nevertheless, his few words shocked the five people kneeling on the floor, who turned to each other with looks of dismay at his revelation. Each of their faces carried shock and disbelief.

Chen Bai, whose cultivation was the highest, couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, why do you say that this youngster is our Master?”

“The reason is that I’ve already decided to follow Xi Yue and regard her as my Master. If you no longer wish to follow me, then you’re allowed to leave. However, if you wish to continue staying by my side, then you need to put her in your heart, in a position that’s even higher than mine. Moreover, you also have to respect and listen to her.”

Filled with disbelief, Bai Chen blurted out, “But she’s only at Foundation Establishment stage!”

The five of them had been by Gu Liufeng’s side for so long. Between them, there existed a strong bond of comradery, as well as the fact that they all deeply respected Gu Liufeng’s strength and methods.

Gu Liufeng was at the summit of Gold Core stage, but what did the youngster in front of them count as?

She was nothing more than an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. Yet he (Gu Liufeng) expected them to bow and submit to her?

Don’t even talk about Chen Bai, this high level expert that felt disdain toward this thought, even the male resembling Maitreya had a disdainful expression painted on his face.

Gu Liufeng’s eyes deepened and he coldly stated, “Regardless of Xi Yue’s cultivation, I still stand by my words. If you wish to continue following by my side, then you must regard Xi Yue as your Master, from now on. If you don’t wish to do so, you can voluntarily leave!”

Chen Bai and the the rest of them had shock painted across their faces when they heard Gu Liufeng’s words. They wanted to argue some more, but as always, they were blocked by the respect they held for Gu Liufeng and didn’t dare speak out.

But, the gazes they directed toward Hexi were all filled with questions and resentment.

In their minds they were all wondering if this youth, who was even more beautiful than a woman, used his beautiful looks to seduce Young Master, causing Young Master to become confused and hand over all of the power in his hands to the youth.

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Hexi looked at their expressions and knew that they didn’t have complete trust in herself. The only thing hindering them from flaring up was the respect they held for Gu Liufeng.

Hexi was actually downplaying the whipping, but it still caused the five people’s complexions to change.

The ones’ whose expressions were most affected were Zhang De Sheng and Zhou Huai’an. They were a hundred percent positive that they would be unable to produce such sounds, even if they had the same whip.

But Chen Bai, who had the highest cultivation out of all of them, had a gloomy face as he stepped out and declared, “I don’t accept!”

This person was nothing more than a trifling Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. Yet, when he (Hexi) was handed a high level weapon, he immediately turned unbridled. He was at Gold Core stage and the leader of a mercenary group, how could he possibly be scared by this?

The purple vines in Hexi’s hands softly swayed as Hexi sneered, “Let my words be marked. Today, my mood is good, therefore, I’m offering you guys a chance to provoke me.”

“But, if you lose today, in the future, you can no longer act rude towards me. Otherwise, don’t blame me if I’m rude.”

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