The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 452 Our Master

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The person to the left of him was a beautiful woman who wore colorful makeup and beautiful clothing, which didn’t fully disguise her plump curves. If one were to look at her from the outside, they would a.s.sume that she was a female brothel keeper. But, even though she looked to be a romantic woman on the outside, she actually had a high-level Meridians stage cultivation level.

The second male appeared to be about forty years old. His figure was short and plump and the smile that rested on his face resembled that of Maitreya [1]. But, the spiritual power fluctuations on his body were practically nonexistent, if it weren’t for the fact that Hexi’s senses were keener than most, she would practically be unable to sense the fluctuations at all.

The clothes of the other two people resembled those of imperial bodyguards, and the final person’s clothes resembled that of a medicinal hall’s shopkeeper. All three of them were at the middle of Meridians stage.

Gu Liufeng pointed at the first male and introduced him, “This is Chen Bai. He has been by my side the longest and is also the brother who I pa.s.s life with.”

“Under him, he has established an army of hired soldiers. Although all of these soldiers are only at Foundation Establishment stage, each of them has strengths that far surpa.s.s any other martial artist at the same stage. It could be said that this army of troops was the one I spent the most thought on to create.”

Chen Bai bowed in response to Gu Liufeng’s words, “This subordinate’s life was saved by Young Master, it is this subordinate’s willingness to be by Young Master’s side. This subordinate doesn’t dare to be called brother by Young Master.”

His words were full of respect, but he held a suspicious expression as he closely examined Hexi.

This youngster was at nothing more than Foundation Establishment stage and didn’t seem to possess any special qualities. Yet, Young Master was personally introducing them (the 5 guards) to him? What for?

Hexi nodded her head but didn’t say anything. Gu Liufeng moved on and pointed at the sole woman, “Mei Ru Yan is the boss at Ru Yi Fang. She is mainly in charge of gathering information.”

Ru Yi Fang? Wasn’t that the famous place for singing and dancing? It was similar to a brothel, but considered to be a higher grade than a brothel.

The women inside were all multi-talented, they didn’t sell their bodies, instead they sold their skills. Some of the women even had a low level of cultivation, causing their dances to appear immortal-like. In turn, this earned the love of the martial artists in Yan Jing city.

She didn’t expect that Ru Yi Fang was also one of the powers under Gu Liufeng’s hands.

When Mei Ru Yan heard Gu Liufeng’s words, she turned to bewitchingly smile at Hexi. Her flirtatious eyes wandered over Hexi’s body and she said, “Young brother, do you wish to go to nu jia’s [2] Ru Yi Fang to take a stroll? Since you’re such a handsome brother, Ru Yan will allow the sisters inside Ru Yi Fang to entertain you for free!”

In this moment, Hexi didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

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She was a woman, yet this female brothel boss had taken her liberties with her. Not only that, but she also used charming techniques on her.

After he finished introducing the five people to Hexi, Gu Liufeng’s expression deepened as he looked at the five people kneeling on the floor.

“Today, I gathered the five of you here today because there is something that has to be announced.”

“The person standing by my side is called Xi Yue. From this day onwards, she is our Master.”

[1] Maitreya – the Bodhisattva that’ll appear on Earth in the future, some more information can be found here

[2] nu jia – a humble way to reference one’s self for females

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