The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 444 Is He Still Okay?

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Hexi carried Dan Dan in her arms and intimately said to it, “Dan Dan, in the future, can you help Mother refine a few stoves full of first rank pills and another stove of second rank pills?”

Dan Dan opened his claws and counted.

If it was to refine a few stoves of first rank pills, everyday, it could just throw medicinal herbs in there and, after two hours, be done with it, it didn’t even have to feel tired.

And one stove of second rank pills would also, only take two hours. En… It wouldn’t interfere with it’s time to play.

However, Dan Dan still felt as if it needed to fight for it’s rights. “Then, everyday, Mother has to make lots of yummy foods for me!”

“Little rascal, you’ve also learned how to haggle!” Hexi laughed and poked it’s little head, “When have I slighted you in regards to giving you food? Okay, to reward you for being so awesome, today, Mother will make some fresh food for you!”

“O, Mother is the best!” Dan Dan cheered. After giving Hexi a kiss, it jumped out of her embrace and obediently ran over to the side to begin refining.

When Dan Dan did that, Hexi began to cook food.

Ever since they returned from Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, she realized that she had never properly cooked. In particular, there were some ingredients, that she received from Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, which caused even her to drool with desire.

Hexi waved her finger and golden python meat and roc wing appeared in front of her.

Hexi looked at the roc and her expression suddenly turned absent-minded.

In front of her, appeared the scene of that person standing in front of her, facing off against the crowd whilst giving her that dazzling smile. She was, very clearly, injured, but they still closely protected her.

In her ears, she seemed to have heard that person’s low and hoa.r.s.e voice, which carried that magnetic sound. “Xi’er, are you willing to marry me?”

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Nangong Yu… How long has it been since she had seen that fellow? Was he still okay? He hadn’t appeared for so long, did the Cold Poison on his body not flare up? He didn’t have any pain?

And at this moment, the little dragon also finished cultivating… Or rather, it smelt the delicious fragrance of something that shook his heart and soul. It couldn’t control it’s thoughts of wanting to come out and taste what it was.

And in the blink of an eye, it really seemed to have broke through to fifth rank.

By the time it flew over and s.n.a.t.c.hed a piece of Golden Snake Row from Dan Dan’s claws, it began to salivate. Together with Dan Dan, they both ate through all the food.

One had to understand that Hexi’s magic beast foods weren’t only good, they also maintained all of the magic beasts’ spiritual power.

Rather than losing spiritual power, it was the impurities within the magic beast that all get driven away by the spiritual fire.

In the past, the little dragon only ate beast meat in order to survive, and in order to absorb all of the spiritual power from the meat. It didn’t enjoy the fishy odor that the meat seemed to carry.

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