The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 443 Mass Refining

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Hexi looked at the stove in front of her and felt that it looked familiar, but temporarily, she couldn’t recall where she had seen it.

Dan Dan waved his claw and the stove turned into an unremarkable gray cauldron and flew in front of Hexi.

In this moment, Hexi finally recognized it.

Wasn’t this the stove that she had robbed from Zhu Pangzi? But at the time, she didn’t know how to refine pills. So, it had no use for her and she threw it to the side.

Now it seemed like this cauldron had extremely profound carvings on it. It seemed like it was an extraordinary item that didn’t belong to Zijin medicine cauldron.

Hexi tried to pour some spiritual power into the cauldron and it instantly turned big. The carvings on it flashed with bright lights, and it seemed as if the cauldron didn’t wait for the spiritual fire to enter it before it started absorbing spiritual power from the earth and sky.

Hexi took out the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture and let Dan Dan have a look. “Dan Dan, can you follow the description here and refine a pill?”

Dan Dan looked at the prescription, fire movement, spiritual power, and materials needed. His two, big eyes spun. “Mother, what is this, ah? Dan Dan can’t make sense of it?”

Hexi said, her voice was laced with astonishment. “You can’t make sense of this? Then, just then, how did you refine pills?”

“I learned by following Mother, ah!” Dan Dan spoke like the answer was obvious. “Whatever Mother puts, Dan Dan also puts…”

“Then how did you know how to turn the spiritual power and how strong the spiritual fire should be?”

“Mother is slow.” Dan Dan mischievously laughed, “Dan Dan can see the spiritual power on Mother’s body when it revolves, ah. Dan Dan also knows the color and depth of the spiritual fire, naturally Dan Dan can follow Mother and refine.”

Saying this, Dan Dan patted himself with his claw and began to twirl around Hexi. “When Mother is refining pills, you are the prettiest then. Your body shines and Dan Dan loves to look at Mother the most~~”

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Hexi didn’t pay attention to this little bootlicker and prepared some spiritual for a second rank pill, letting Dan Dan watch her refine.

Although each pill’s quality couldn’t be compared to the ones she refined, it reached the same level as the top pill on the market.

Hexi looked at the pill for awhile before she asked Dan Dan, with great difficulty. “Dan Dan, how many pills can you refine at once? You won’t feel strained?”

Dan Dan took it’s own second ranked pill and stuffed it in it’s mouth. Biting it, it looked at the newly refined second ranked pills and said, “After refining, there’s some tiredness. But after drinking some spring water, it should be okay.”

“This…” Dan Dan pointed at the first rank Supplement Spirit Pill, “Dan Dan can refine a lot of these and won’t feel tired at all, ah!”

Hexi choked on her saliva and suddenly felt distracted.

Just then she had been fantasizing about being able to produce the pills in batches. Now, her family’s Dan Dan has made her dream come true?

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