The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 440 Building One’s Own Kingdom

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“Xi Yue, do you accept me, this friend, following you?”

Gu Liufeng’s words were very serious, to the extent that Hexi momentarily didn’t know how to respond.

Thousands of thoughts swirled around in her heart. She thought about refusing, she thought of hesitating, and thought about asking.

But towards the end, Gu Liufeng’s words moved her.

Gu Liufeng said––– There would be a day where she would stand at the top of all martial artists.

That’s right, that was her goal all along. To become strong, so that n.o.body could suppress her anymore, restrict her.

Thinking about it, why couldn’t she accept Gu Liufeng following her. Why couldn’t she create her own kingdom?

Thinking to her, Hexi suddenly let out a brilliant smile.

Underneath this smiling expression, the originally cold and elegant youth suddenly became peerless. The rays of lights were brilliantly bright, nearly causing people to be incapable of looking straight at her.

“Okay Gu Liufeng!” Looking straight at Gu Liufeng’s eyes, she said one word at a time, “I, Nalan Hexi, pledge that I regard you as a brother, as a close friend, in this life. If there’s betrayal, heaven and earth won’t allow it! There will be a day where I’ll bring you to the peak of the world, taking the world’s magnificent scenery into our eyes. You can be a.s.sured, I won’t let you regret betting!”

Gu Liufeng repeatedly nodded his head. His eyes were blazing and clear, they were no longer hesitant and wavering.

But after approximately the time it took to burn a stick of incense after Hexi left Sheng De Hall, Gu Liufeng’s expression finally returned.

Wrong, ah! Just then, when Xi Yue pledged, what did he say he was called?

Nalan Hexi–––?!!!

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After Hexi returned to Bie Courtyard, she didn’t tarry and immediately entered her s.p.a.ce, beginning to refine pills.

Just as she entered her s.p.a.ce, she heard Dan Dan’s melodious laugh.

All she saw was the little fellow sitting on the swing woven by the purple vine. Dan Dan flashed back and forth, joyfully playing.

The Purple Abyss Vine was the most pampering towards this little fellow. Using it’s vine to build a swing for this fellow was a testament on it’s own. And from time to time, the vine even used it’s leaves to wipe the sweat off of it’s face.

When the purple vine swept across it’s skin, it tickled Dan Dan, causing it to incessantly laugh out.

As for the Little Golden Dragon, nowadays it sat motionless in the Spiritual Spring Water. The radiance of it’s gold scales were bright and dark. From the two’s mind connection, she was able to deduct that this fellow was going to be promoted soon.

What cultivation speed was this, ah! Hexi was rendered speechless. Hadn’t this fellow already ascended a rank after eating the Divine Dragon Fruit? Why was he being promoted again after just a short month?

The rank of dragons and martial artists were different, adding onto that was that this Golden Dragon had formerly pa.s.sed through calamity and went heavenwards. So, it’s currently promotion speed was quick, but this type of speed was truly too excessive.

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