The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 439 Properly Plan

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It’s just that this situation was rumored, as a second rank doctor, Zhou Yan’an had heard some of it. Originally, he thought that this San Zi had long already been taken away by the Doctor’s a.s.sociation, he didn’t expect… Didn’t expect…

That the person who refined the pills was actually Xi gongzi, and the rumoured “Si Zi” was Xi gongzi’s butler, Xi San!

However, Zhou Yan’an didn’t follow the blackmarket much. So, he didn’t know that Xi San had raised up such a storm in the blackmarket with this high quality pill, much higher of a storm than the one raised in Yan Jing city.

During the time that Xi San was selling the Supplement Spirit Pills on the Borderless Blackmarket, he also used the name “San Zi”. And to avoid inconvenience, he gave the pills the name “Nameless Supplement Spirit Pills”.

Later, when the Supplement Spirit Pills became extremely popular, Xi San started running out of the goods on hand. This lead to chickens flying and dogs jumping [1] in the blackmarket.

During those days, everyday, the communication s.p.a.ce was flooded with people asking where they could buy “Nameless Supplement Spirit Pills”.

So much so that some people even ran to the Mercenary a.s.sociation to hire people, wanting to find out this “San Zi”’s real ident.i.ty.

Nowadays, the mysterious master that refined the “High Quality Nameless Supplement Spirit Pills” had long since become widespread throughout the entire Miluo Continent.

When Xi San heard Zhou Yan’an’s words, his face was full of pride. Laughing, he replied, “You’re considered clever! When I went to the Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution to get the pill appraised, I actually changed my appearance. Later, when the appraisal was done, that group of people encircled me, not letting me leave. They insisted that I say who refined the pill.”

“Fortunately I was clever. I pretended to be drunk and went to the toilet, then I secretly ran away. No matter how much they turned Yan Jing city upside down, they couldn’t find me!”

Zhou Yan’an admiringly looked at the pill in his hand again before handing it back to Xi San.

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But Xi San didn’t accept it. He looked at Hexi and when he received her approval, he immediately waved his hand. “It’s nothing more than one bottle of Supplement Spirit Pills. In the future, our Sheng De Hall will have so much, what’s the point of giving it to me. You can just take it and eat it like candy!”

Flabbergasted, Hexi turned to him. She didn’t understand what he meant?

Gu Liufeng’s face didn’t have a mask on, his peach blossom eyes were gleaming. If he didn’t have that martial artists’ scar, he would be even prettier than the peach blossoms.

Especially now that his forehead no longer had that gloominess, all that was left over was peace and purity. “Xi Yue, I believe that you have the apt.i.tude to stand at the summit of this world. You also have the strength and a temperament that’s better than any other person.”

“Nowadays, I, Gu Liufeng, am all alone in this world. The only thing I have is this little bit of cultivation and and wisdom. I’m barely enough to a.s.sist you. I want to bet… Want to bet that you, Xi Yue, will win success and recognition one day. Bet that you will one day stand at the top, accepting everyone’s hopes. And I hope that during that time, I can stand behind you and look at your radiance.

[1] chickens flying and dogs jumping – chaos

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