The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 438 This Feeling is Really Too Pleasurable!

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When he saw enough of Zhou Yan’an’s joke, he finally walked forward. “Don’t look anymore, no matter how many times you look at it, the result will be the same–– ‘First-rate Supplement Spirit Pill the spiritual power of ten crystals. The pill’s essence purity is 99%, it’s able to be taken long-term without limit.’ Such a short sentence, I saw it once and could recite it from memory, how long do you expect to look at it?”

Shopkeeper Zhou trembled and looked up. Holding up that piece of paper, he asked, “This… Is this real?”

Xi San sneered, “Don’t you see Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution’s crest on it? That has an attachment of spiritual power on it, don’t tell me you think I can fake it. Hei hei, requesting you not to look like you’ve never seen the world are are making a fuss of nothing. What do you say, if we only sell these pills in addition to various sorts of fresh spiritual medicines, will it be enough to support Sheng De Hall?”

“If there is this type of pill, of course it’s possible!” Zhou Yan’an’s expression finally returned, his hands emotionally shook. “How can this be top-quality pills, it’s the best pill. If any shop has just one bottle of this pill, it could be considered a treasure that could suppress shops! If we can sell this pill everyday, in under a year, our Sheng De Hall can push down every other medicinal hall in Yan Jing city.”

“But… Where is this type of high quality Supplement Spirit Pill found, ah?” Speaking up to here, Zhou Yan’an showed a yearning and dejected expression again. “I dare to say that even Doctor’s a.s.sociation can’t find a few people that can refine this pill?”

Xi San rubbed his ears and let out an ‘are you a fool’ expression. Unhappily saying, “I say Shopkeeper Zhou, did you even hear what I just said? I already said that this pill has been refined by my family’s gongzi. Furthermore, every day she can make three or four hundred pill bottles, and this is only the product of half a day’s work!”

It was clear that the person, Zhou Yan’an, in front of him was at Gold Core stage and that he was only at Foundation Establishment stage. But ever since he began to follow his family’s Miss, Xi San always felt as if he could raise his head and straighten his chest in front of anyone when speaking.

Didn’t it seem that even the vice president of the Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution was respectful in front of him? When the head of the blackmarket came to ask if he could sell more pills, wasn’t his tone sincere and fervent?

Hei hei, this feeling is really too pleasurable!

“Ah–––! Oh my G.o.d!” Zhou Yan’an let out a cry, filled with disbelief, he looked towards Hexi. Even his breathing had halted. “Xi gongzi, you [1]… You can really refine such a high quality Supplement Spirit Pill?”

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“Hey, you still don’t trust?” Xi San casted a glance at Zhou Yan’an and fished a small porcelain bottle out from his bosom. “Look, I still have a bottle that Master refined, give it a try and you’ll know!”

“I remember!” Zhou Yan’an’s voice suddenly raised. “Aren’t you the San Zi that caused an uproar earlier?”

About a month before, news suddenly came out in the medical world that high quality pills had appeared. It caused every influential family and large sect to come looking at every medicinal hall.

In particular was the Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution who posted an announcement searching for a low rank martial artist called “San Zi”.

But, no matter how much everyone searched, there wasn’t any trace of “San Zi” that could be found. Later on, the matter was just left unsettled.

[1] you – when he’s saying you, he’s formally saying it

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