The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 436 Gift Sheng De Hall To Her?

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Perhaps she should find an opportunity to look for the person regulating the drugs. To be able to create such a frightful “drug” in this ancient world must require exceptional level in poisons. This piqued her interest.

Over these several days, apart from cultivating and refining pills, she went to Sheng De Hall to forcibly make Gu Youlan kick her habit.

Because Gu Youlan’s addiction was extremely deep, it would flare up three or four times a day.

So in the first few days, Hexi was practically always guarding by Gu Youlan’s side, in order to prevent her flaring up at anytime.

Each time Gu Youlan flared up, she practically didn’t even recognize her own family. One time, she even bit Gu Liufeng’s arm, tearing a piece of flesh off.

There was another time when she took advantage of Hexi and Gu Liufeng’s neglectfulness and knocked her head into the wall. In a short while, she had banged her head until it became badly bruised. At the same time, she was continuously yelling for them to let her die.

The entire time, Gu Liufeng was firmly carrying her, letting her hit and tear at him. All the while, he was softly calling out, “Mother”, his hand never released her.

Wood spiritual power could maintain Gu Youlan’s vitality, but it couldn’t lessen her pain, nor could it help her keep her rationality when abstaining from the drugs.

Under these types of circ.u.mstances, the one who suffered the most hards.h.i.+p and torment was Gu Liufeng.

This persisted for approximately seven days until Gu Youlan’s symptoms finally improved. The poison break outs went from three or four times every day to one time a day.

But what caused Gu Liufeng to be the happiest was when Gu Youlan would vaguely opened her eyes to look at him and she would grab his hand and call out, “Liufeng”.

The first time he heard his Mother call out his name, Gu Liufeng couldn’t help but let out a few scalding tears.

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This was the first time he heard his Mother call his name out, when she was sober, over the ten years they had been seperated.

Not only because of the sale of the pills she refined, the most important are the medicinal herbs in her s.p.a.ce.

Nowadays, Dan Dan was very hardworking, but he had packed up most of the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field. Everyday, he only took the spiritual plant, but it quickly filled the Spirit Firmament Palace.

Moreover, the time it took for spiritual plants to mature in the Ancient Rhyme Field was short. It only took a few days for a batch to be ready for harvest. If she used them all to refine pills, she couldn’t even finish using them by the time she died, and she could also forget about doing anything else.

If she could have a medicinal hall that was considered her own, then she didn’t have to be worried over the sale of those medicinal ingredients.

An extraordinary splendor streaked through Hexi’s eyes. She was just about to open her mouth and reply when Gu Liufeng seemed as if he understood what she wanted to say and immediately said, “Little Xue’er, my saying that I’ll gift Sheng De Hall to you isn’t because I want to put you in an advantageous situation. Instead it’s because our supply of goods for Sheng De Hall has been completely cut off?”

“What do you mean?” Hexi thought back to the words of the little manservant from Ji Sheng Hall’s words and couldn’t help but be flabbergasted. “Murong manor has such big ability that it can completely cut off your supply of goods?”

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