The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 435 Drug Addiction

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“Furthermore, when the person begins to take the medicine more and more, their addiction will grow stronger as well. Until finally, their entire body had been used up by the pill. In the end, they’ll lose their mind and die a violent death.”

Gu Liufeng tightly clenched the jade slip, the veins in the back of his hands bulged out. He was silent for a bit before hissing, “Murong family is a group of beasts. Why do they want to treat my Mother like this, why?!”

Hexi grimly laughed. “Since you’ve already said they’re beasts, do they need any justification for doing despicable things?”

Gu Liufeng took a deep breath and with great difficulty, he calmed himself down. He lowered his voice, “Little Yue’er, you say, what do I have to do to help my Mother?”

Hexi replied, “Because the time your Mother has been addicted has been extremely long, the problems faced when giving up the drug addiction will be much bigger than imaginable. The most important thing of getting rid of an addiction is the addicted person’s willpower.”

“Wait a bit longer and your Mother will slowly become conscious again. You need to speak to her more, give her the will and courage to continue living. In this way, it’s possible to overcome the pain of detoxification. If not, it’s very possible for her to lose her will to live and die during the detoxification.”

At once, Gu Liufeng nodded his head. “You can be a.s.sured, the most painful time has come. With great difficulty, we’ve now we finally have hope. No matter how much more bitterness and hards.h.i.+p there is, I want to help her quit. So she can at least live the life of a normal person.”

Hexi nodded her head, then immediately pursued her eyebrows. “There’s another thing that you must pay attention to.”

“Because your Mother has had this addiction for so long, the period it takes to kick it will also be extremely long. During this time, you must never allow Murong family’s people to come into contact with your Mother, and you absolutely cannot let her touch even a drop of Murong family’s pill. If not, if the drug addiction occurs, I’m afraid even the G.o.ds will be unable to help your Mother.”

When Gu Liufeng heard her words, he grimly laughed and darkly marked, “Little Yue’er, you can be a.s.sured. If Murong family’s people dare to come, I’ll certainly pay them back a hundredfold for all the suffering they’ve put my Mother in over these years.”

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“So it’s just right.” Somewhat of a smiling expression made it’s way on Hexi’s face. “If you capture one of Murong family’s people, remember to get a few of those pills they refined and give it to me to look at. Towards the medicines of this world, I’m very interested in them.”

As for those emotions that couldn’t be said aloud, he would forever conceal them deep in his heart. He wouldn’t let anyone find out, and he would let himself slowly forget.

“You already said thank you a few times.” Hexi unhappily said. A greenish-blue colored spiritual power slowly appeared in Hexi’s hand, her eyes were full of interest.

She hadn’t thought that she could come across such a thing in this strange, ancient world.

When Hexi felt Gu Youlan’s pulse, this Cold Food Pill was even more pure and addictive than the heroin in her previous life. But it was less harmful to the human body, so this was why Gu Youlan could take this type of drug for twenty or so years and still be alive.

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