The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 434 Poisoned

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Although the five types of attributes found on Miluo Continent were metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, martial artists who had the wood attribute were extremely rare.

This wasn’t just speaking about the martial artists who possessed the wood attribute of the Heavenly Spiritual Roots, but it was also speaking of the martial artists with mixed wood attributes, they were all few in number. The most common attribute to wood was the wood attribute, which is a variation.

When Gu Liufeng said these words, Hexi also realized. When she got her hands on all those cultivation methods, there were all types related to cultivating spiritual powers, but she didn’t see any that were related to the wood attribute’s spiritual power.

“Wood attributed doctors could be said to be the precious treasure that every big sect or influential family would squabble for. And martial artists with the wood attribute would naturally have the ability to help the dying and injured.”

“But their numbers are extremely spa.r.s.e. As far as I know, in approximately a hundred years, there has never been a martial artist with a pure wood attribute’s spiritual power that appeared on Miluo Continent.”

“Moreover, even if one had a mixed wood attribute, every major power would scramble for them. Most of all are the people from the Doctor’s a.s.sociation, reportedly they have a poster up all year. As long as someone reports information regarding a martial artist with the wood attribute, they’ll reward a large sum of money…”

“But once these martial artists with the wood attribute have been taken away by the Doctor’s a.s.sociation, n.o.body has heard from them since. Some say that they’ve become elders of the Doctor’s a.s.sociation, others say that they’ve already died.”

Listening to Gu Weiyi’s words, Hexi rubbed her chin and had a pondering expression on her face.

Gu Liufeng looked at her uncaring appearance and promptly said, “Little Yue’er, you must not let your guard down at all. If you wish to have peaceful days in the future, you absolutely cannot let your ability to use the wood attribute be leaked out.”

“Especially since I see that your wood attribute’s essence is extremely pure. It must at least be that of a duel attribute spiritual roots… This sort of wood attributed martial artist would never be let off by the Doctor’s a.s.sociation.”

Hexi faintly nodded and her eyes emitted a cold thread, “Doctor’s a.s.sociation? Rest a.s.sured, I know the appropriate behavior.”

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If she let Gu Liufeng know that her wood attribute was actually the Heavenly Spiritual Roots, presumably this fellow would become hopping mad.

Hexi didn’t speak and took a jade slip out. Using her Divine Knowledge, she engraved something for a moment before throwing it towards Gu Liufeng.

Gu Liufeng was flabbergasted at her actions. Using his mind to delve into the slip, he quickly saw a portrait inside it, moreover, it was the portrait of a flower. This flower’s branches were thin, it’s leaves were in the shape of a feather and ordinary. But the flower petals were enormous and bright red, from far away it filled one’s eyes with it’s blood red appearance.

Hexi slowly said, “In my hometown, this flower is called a poppy. Here, you guys grow it differently. Inside the flower, there is a dark attribute’s spiritual power known as Cold Food Flower.”

“When the materials of this type of flower are used to refine pills, eating them won’t cause someone to immediately die. They’ll even become stimulated, floating about in desire, incomparably comfortable. Even their cultivation would momentarily have a boost.”

“But if one excessively takes the medicine, they’ll form an addiction. After becoming addicted, if they can’t continue taking the pill, they’ll feel even more pain than dying. Their entire person will seem to have gone insane, losing all reason.”

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