The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 431 Outbreak

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“Aside from taking Murong family’s medicine or tying her up like this, I don’t have any other method…”

Just as if it was confirming his words, Gu Liufeng didn’t finish speaking before he was interrupted.

The originally unconscious Gu Youlan suddenly began to violently struggle, her strength was strong to an unimaginable degree.

She was clearly completely tied up, but her entire body acted as if she was a shrimp caught on fire, incessantly fidgeting. The bed continuously creaked under her movements.

At the same time, she was letting out animalistic screams, her voice was laced with suffering and despair.

Gu Liufeng foolishly stood to the side, he looked at Gu Youlan with sorrow filled eyes, his gloomy voice seemed to come from a distant place.

“Since the start of my memories, my Mother has always been like this. Clearly, just a moment before, she was still carried in my tender words and eating pastries. But suddenly, she’ll seem as if she’s in extreme pain and falling to the floor, incessantly rolling about and shouting.”

“At this time, my Mother has lost all reason. She doesn’t recognize anyone, as long as she sees Murong Feng, she’ll kneel in front of him and beg for the antidote.”

“Then, I’ll helplessly look on as Murong Feng, and the rest of those bast**** in Murong family, beat and humiliate her as they loudly laugh. When they’re finally appeased and stop beating and humiliating my Mother, they finally let her eat the antidote.”

“At that time, I was a weak coward. Apart from hiding to the side and silently shedding tears, apart from begging them to stop beating Mother, I couldn’t do anything else.”

Gu Liufeng wiped his tears away and faced Hexi, who was earnestly looking at him. The fear and desperation in his heart slowly faded away and his voice turned milder.

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“But at that time, the frequency of my mother’s outbreaks weren’t high. Each time she had an outbreak, all she had to do was eat one of Murong family’s pills and she would be fine for a spell.”

“I didn’t even let myself dream of that, if I brought Mother away and she didn’t have anymore of that pill, she would feel a larger amount of pain and may not live much longer.”

“Over these past few years, I never stopped thinking of ways to steal the pill. But even though Murong manor is lacking in experts, it’s defense is extremely rigid. Moreover, up until now, I still don’t know how the pill looks like. Even if I could sneak into Murong manor, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it.”

“Afterwards, jiujiu [1] hid me as a Gold Core stage guard in Murong family. During that time, I secretly searched everywhere in the manor, but I was never able to find the pill’s whereabouts.”

Gu Liufeng’s gaze was profound as he gazed at Hexi, his voice was hoa.r.s.e, “Xi Yue, now, you’re my only hope. If even you can’t help my Mother get better, I… I don’t want to see my Mother, in such a undignified state, continue to live on in pain.”

[1] jiujiu – maternal uncle (舅舅)

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