The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 426 Murong Linfeng Fading Away

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A b.u.t.terfly looking collarbone rested underneath that slender neck, the gorgeous curve opened up to his lapel. Even the most miraculous craftsman would be incapable of carving a portrayal that even half as elegant.

Gu Liufeng suddenly felt as if his mouth was dry and that was nearly incapable of breathing, he couldn’t suppress the urge to roughly gasp for breath.

Hexi cast a glance at him and saw that his complexion was strange. She thought that the people who had come were his biggest enemies, causing him to become unable to control his mood.

At once, she fished out a pill from her bosom, “This is a Calming Anger pill, it controls your breathing and spiritual power fluctuations, so that n.o.body else will find you. If not, then all our efforts have been wasted.”

Gu Liufeng met Hexi’s clear eyes, those eyes were muddled, apart from concern there was also concern.*

He suddenly felt as if he wanted to slap himself. Xi Yue had ran over here, in the face of danger, and regarded him as a good friend, but he was doing nothing but thinking of filthy thoughts.

Gu Liufeng took a deep breath and pressed his turbulent emotions down. Then, he began to conceal his breathing and spiritual power movements, until it seemed as if it wasn’t there at all.

And right at this moment, a woman’s voice sounded by the doorway.

“Outrageous, the prison is such an important place, yet you dare to neglect your duties and sleep here? Do you want to die? Didn’t see anyone here? And you’re still not standing up for me!”

Those three guards had been given knockout drugs by Hexi, now, they woke up and were completely bewildered. When they woke up some more and saw the people who arrived, they were immediately terror-stricken. “Madam! Subordinate sees Madam!”

For a moment, it was silent. Then, a dignified woman’s voice sounded, “Is Second Young Master here?”

The guard hesitated and stammered, and for a long time, he didn’t dare say a word.

The woman’s voice suddenly turned cold, “If you don’t want to die, then quickly speak? Did Second Young Master come to find that sl**?”

“Replying to Madam, yes… Yes he did. One hour before, Second Young Master… Second Young Master went in there!”

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Their words just came out and the prison doors opened with a peng sound.

Listening to the servant girl’s words, Madam Murong’s gaze rested on ‘Gu Liufeng’s’ body.

She saw that his clothes were untidy and his appearance was haggard. The mask on his face had long since been taken off, exposing his beautiful face, which made her embarra.s.sed and envious, as well as his snow white skin.

“Sl**! Shameless bast***!!”

Bitterness and hatred bubbled forth in Madam Murong’s heart. Grabbing the nearby bucket of salt water, she resolutely splashed it on his wounds.

The tortured ‘Gu Liufeng’ let out miserable cries and incessantly moaned as he began to slowly open his eyes up.

Without waiting for him to register the people who had come, the unresolved Madam Murong had already brought the heated flatiron and ruthlessly pressed it down on his face.

*The author most likely didn’t realize she wrote the same two characters/didn’t catch it (when proofreading)

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