The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 422 Desperate and Ashamed Of One’s Own Inferiority

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“You should be just like that cheap mother of yours, crawling under men’s crotches! This Young Msater agrees to~you, you should feel grateful!”

“Pi li pa la [1]–––” Sounded as Gu Liufeng’s black, iron chains began to violently shake.

Gu Liufeng’s two eyes filled with blood, the gaze he looked at Murong Linfeng with looked as if he wished to dismember his body into ten thousand pieces.

Murong Linfeng got scared and staggered, he recoiled backwards a step, nearly falling over.

But soon after, he realized that no matter how much Gu Liufeng struggled, those black, iron chains didn’t budge. On the contrary, the iron rings on his hands and ankles were tightening, already drawing blood.

When Murong Linfeng saw this, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Bi***, what are you struggling for. Are you wishing for this Young Master to come do~to you?”

“Be at ease, I’ll quickly come satisfy you! Ha ha ha…”

Thinking that his long awaited dreams and desires would soon be able to be satisfied, Murong Linfeng’s face exposed an incomparably *** and greedy look. Tearing off his clothes, he threw himself towards Gu Liufeng.

But before he could arrive at Gu Liufeng’s side, a purple vine suddenly wrapped around his neck.

That vine seemed to have it’s own consciousness, after wrapping itself around his neck, it tightened more and more, causing him to become incapable of breathing. Soon after, it hoisted him high up in the air.

When Gu Liufeng laid his eyes upon that purple vine, disbelief appeared in his eyes.

Following that, his expression lifelessly looked towards the prison doorway. At an unknown time, a tiny crack formed in the originally tightly shut doorway.

A silhouette appeared in the doorway’s crack and slowly appeared in front of Gu Liufeng.

The scarlet flames shone upon the newly arrived person’s white, jade-like face. Underneath those long eyelashes was purple, fluctuating phoenix eyes. Their bright, red lips softly began to open, exposing their pearly white teeth.

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In this gloomy and dark prison, the youth looked like a ray of bright light. With that sort of warmth and holiness, just by standing there, they caused people to become dazzled and stunned and feel ashamed of their own inferiority.

But today, all of his admiration and kind feelings turned into desperation and shame from his own inferiority.

He allowed little Xue’er to see himself in such dire straits, such an unbearable scene. Would little Xue’er see himself as dirty and cowardly? Would she look down on him just like the people of Murong family? Think that he would be the same as his mother, a sl** that seduced men?

How could Hexi’s heart think of such complex matters as Gu Liufeng’s heart was.

With the wave of her hand, Murong Liufeng, who had been suspended in the air by the Purple Abyss Vine, suddenly crashed down to the floor.

The only sound that came was “pa ji” and Murong Linfeng didn’t even get to groan before he lost consciousness.

In the prison, Hexi found a cage, but she couldn’t find the key to the black, iron chains.

[1] pi li pa la – crackling and rattling sounds

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