The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 421 Perverted Murong Linfeng

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Caution Somewhat adult/NSFW themes are present in this chapter, read at your own risk.

He ruthlessly struck them with his whip, whipping the three guards until they were dripping with blood. “What? I’m not your Master? You don’t need to listen to me anymore?”

Those three guards got whipped until they were wailing like ghosts. They didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and ran out of the dungeon crying.

The prison door heavily closed with a deafening sound.

Gu Liufeng, who originally drooped his head, raised his head to coldly look at the male in front of him.

Murong Linfeng walked forward a few steps and met his gaze. But, he excitedly laughed, “Sixth di, I love your pair of eyes the most. Especially when they’re filled with anger, it truly enchants people.”

Loathing and killing intent flashed through Gu Liufeng’s eyes. He turned his head to ruthlessly shake his hand and coldly said, “Murong Linfeng, you still dare to come here. Are you not scared that dignified father of yours won’t whip you?”

Murong Linfeng’s face let out a proud expression before he drew closer to Gu Liufeng and whispered, “With great pains, I waited until today. Today, my father has to entertain people, where would he have the time to care about you, you little bi***.”

Finished speaking, he extended his hand and with one move, he took Gu Liufeng’s mask off.

Once the mask was gone, it was replaced by a pale but beautiful appearance. Although his face had dark red scars, under the scarlet flames illumination, his face seemed more seductive rather than ugly.

Murong Linfeng obsessively reached his hand out to caress Gu Liufeng’s face, his face was filled with intoxication and greed. “See, this is such a perfect face, ah. This Young Master has never seen such a man that was as beautiful as sixth di.”

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“Sixth di, do you know?” Murong Linfeng’s burning gaze looked at Gu Liufeng with red eyes. His hoa.r.s.e voice carried a trace of craziness, “Every time I see those beautiful men and women, sixth di’s face appears before my eyes.”

“Ha ha ha, sixth di, I didn’t expect that you would still threaten me when death is so near!” Murong Linfeng looked at his extremely angered appearance. But, he felt even more proud of himself and became even more infatuated. “Do you have the ability to come kill me now, ah? Do you have the ability to resist right now?”

“When this Young Master sees your angered and powerless appearance, I feel even happier. I can’t wait to see your appearance when you’re crying for forgiveness!”

After saying this, Murong Linfeng suddenly extended his hand and in one move, tore off Gu Liufeng’s already torn clothing.

Perfect, flowing lines, fair skin, and purple bruises. All of this constructed a beautiful scene, causing Murong Linfeng to become startled.

He swallowed his saliva and clicked his tongue, “Really is a rarity, ah! My wanting and clamoring all these years wasn’t a waste. He he, Murong Liufeng, what sort of strength do you have, you’re nothing more than a lowly seed.”

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