The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 419 Cloaked Person

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Who was Murong family relying on?

By the time Hexi arrived at Murong manor, darkness had already fully settled.

In one leap, Hexi jumped to the highest roof. Just as she was about to come down and explore, she felt her heart tremble. She forgot to breath and let Dan Dan conceal any motion of her spiritual power before she cautiously began to explore.

Murong manor’s layout was similar to a siheyuan [1] in her previous life.

They used tall perimeters to surround everything, and on the wall, they had drawn many restrictions. Anyone with spiritual power who entered would stir up the restriction.

Inside the manor, there were patrolling guards everywhere. Every three steps was a whistle and every five was a post. This small Murong manor was guarded with an iron fist.

The Little Golden Dragon couldn’t resist using the divine knowledge to say in Hexi’s mind, “Not sure how much shady business this Murong manor has hidden away. Ben zun has seen the guards in the imperial palace before, they weren’t as tight to this degree!”

In the end, he still hasn’t forgot to lick Hexi’s boots. “Fortunately, laoda has amazing skills, not a cultivated body nor a cultivated spirit. When pushing through this method, you didn’t even touch the barrier. That awesome ability is from your blood, next time call on me, okay?”

But, Hexi had no time to pay attention to the Little Golden Dragon’s chatter, her gaze was firmly glued on a nearby courtyard and her expression was grave.

All she saw was a cloaked male, on top of the eaves of that courtyard, speaking to a middle-aged man.

This cloaked person’s breath was barely sensible and his spiritual power didn’t have any movements. But, by instinct, Hexi was tense from head to toe, a little bit of cold sweat seeped out of her palms.

This cloaked person’s strength wasn’t simple. He was, at least, several times stronger than Elder Jiang!

Although Hexi hadn’t seen this middle aged man before, she could tell by his style of clothing that he was someone from Murong manor. Moreover, his status was definitely high.

But at this moment, the middle aged man had a respectful and fearful appearance when speaking to the cloaked man. Even his eyes were facing the floor, not daring to randomly look around.

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Hexi poured her internal power into her ears and began to listen in on the two people’s conversation.

The cloaked man satisfyingly nodded his hand and put the storage bag away. Then, he threw another storage bag to him, “This is the second half of the year’s material. Properly store this away, you must deliver these goods on time…”

The cloaked man’s words hadn’t finished yet before his expression suddenly turned cold. Suddenly, he turned is head and looked in Hexi’s direction.

At once, the middle aged man nervously asked, “Superior, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” The cloaked man confusedly shook his head and immediately mumbled, “Don’t tell me it was my imagination? It must be my imagination… If there was someone, how can they escape from my divine knowledge’s examining?”

Soon after, the cloaked man and middle aged man left together. Hexi, who was concealed on the rooftop, finally let out a loose breath. Immediately after, she unhappily swat the Little Golden Dragon’s head.

[1] siheyuan – it’s a historical residence found mainly in China, the wikipedia page has more information if you’re interested

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