The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 418 Eccentricity of Murong Manor

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“Young Master has already suffered under their hands for a few days now. This group of beasts, I really don’t know how they’ll torture Young Master. If I could, I would want to rush up and fight with them, but I’m too weak. I’m a Gold Core stage martial artist, but I don’t know any magical techniques… Xi gongzi. I’m begging you… I’m begging you to save Young Master!”

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Darkness is falling, there are a sea of stars. The entirety of Yan Jing city was enveloped in a tranquil, hazy ambiance.

Hexi lowered the spiritual power in her body and changed to qing gong. Her whole body resembled a swallow as she traversed across Yan Jing city’s streets.

Yan Jing city prevented flying and fighting inside the city. If a martial artist used spiritual power to fly, the imperial city’s large-scale spiritual restriction barrier would discover them and the martial artist would also receive a severe punishment.

But Hexi’s qing gong couldn’t be detected by any spiritual restriction barrier.

She soared high in the air while using the divine knowledge to try and figure out what the information on Murong Family was on the jade slip.

After looking through all the information, Hexi pursued her brows. Her face let out a confused expression.

Suddenly, a small golden dragon’s head poked out from her collar and softly said in her ears, “Laoda, what’s up? Is it that this Murong Manor is very hard to deal with? How about we call upon Wu Xin, that little fellow?”

Currently, Wu Xin was still in Cang Mountain. Although he wasn’t inside Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, he was somewhere near it.

The spiritual qi there was very advantageous towards cultivators. Coupled with high interest, you could see Cang mountain’s entire circ.u.mstances at a glance.

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Therefore, as long as anyone entered Cang Mountain, Wu Xin would become aware.

After nearly ten years, Huangfu family finally raised a powerful person. In a short while, the clan suddenly had five high level martial artists. Moreover, Huangfu’s main elder seemed to be about to advance to Nascent Soul stage. With this sort of peak strength, it caused Huangfu family to jump to one of the four best families. Rather than running neck and neck with the other three major families, it seemed to have power that slightly surpa.s.sed the other three.

But only this Murong family caused Hexi to become extremely puzzled.

Although Murong manor also had business in medicine, there were also experts inside the clan who were able to refine pills. But their levels couldn’t even match up to Nalan Zhengze’s.

And Murong family’s Gold Core expert paled so much in comparison, it was pitiful. Only, the two Gold Core stage’s clan head and elder died in Sealed Dragon Domain. But even like this, it didn’t budge Murong family’s position as one of the most powerful families?

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