The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 416 Sheng De Hall Is Bankrup

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Hexi muttered to herself for a moment, then she suddenly took a crystal stone out of her bosom and waved it in front of the little manservant. “Tell me what happened in Sheng De Hall and this crystal stone is yours. If what you tell me is very detailed, I’ll give you an even larger reward.”

When the little manservant saw the crystal stone, his eyes brightened. At once, he lowered his voice and narrated what happened, from start to finish.

Originally, one month before, the matters regarding Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory hadn’t been settled for long, when suddenly, rumors spread across the capital about Gu Liufeng.

Some said that Sheng De Hall’s master, Gu Liufeng, was actually Murong family’s bas****, Murong Liufeng.

Some people also said that, in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, this Murong Liufeng was unfilial. Unexpectedly, he used crafty plots and machinations to murder Murong family’s elder and head (of the household).

Because of this information, people in Yan Jing city were criticizing Sheng De Hall.

Sheng De Hall, that was originally charitable and prestigious in the people’s eyes, suffered under people’s boycotting.

Adding onto this fact was that during this period of time, the medicinal ingredients and pills they could obtain became less and less. This also caused their business to slowly become bleaker and bleaker.

The little manservant sighed, “At that time, I was also Sheng De Hall’s manservant. The circ.u.mstances in the shop were so terrible, it spoiled shopkeeper Zhou. But, one didn’t expect that even worse things were yet to come.”

“A few days prior, there was suddenly a group of people who charged into Sheng De Hall, wanting to take away our master.”

“This group of people called themselves Murong family’s people, they came over to clean up the door. At first, the master also fought with this group of people. Sheng De Hall was smashed into pieces, nearly drawing the guards over.”

“But suddenly, the fighting stopped. Master didn’t retaliate, even a little bit, and was beat senseless by this group of people. Afterward, they even took master away.”

A sad expression appeared on the little manservant’s face. “Shopkeeper and master were both very good to us, if it was possible, we wouldn’t want to leave. But, master is gone, naturally, Sheng De Hall can’t continue running.”

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“Actually, the ma.s.sacre of Ji Sheng Hall, from one month previous, has yet to be forgotten. Didn’t expect that it started again now, infecting elsewhere. I also need to support my family, so…”

This sword’s qi wasn’t very great, but it was filled with the intent of ending in mutual destruction. Furthermore, the might wasn’t small, it scared Hexi a bit.

Fortunately, the Purple Abyss Vine in her hands reacted quickly. Immediately, it flew out, blocking this strike.

Naturally, the Purple Abyss Vine was very angry that Hexi was being attacked. Screaming, it wanted to go and tear the person, attacking Hexi, into pieces and suck the person clean.

But, Hexi’s left hand merely beckoned and pulled the Purple Abyss Vine back. Her eyes were attentively staring at the person hidden in a secret place, saying, “Zhou Yan’an, come out!”

From the darkness, a faintly shivering body slowly walked out. His hand still held onto the flying sword, his eyes were red as he stared at Hexi. With a fighting att.i.tude he said, “Young Master has already been taken away by you guys, what are you guys coming to do! Where is Young Master?! What did you do to him?”

Translator Note looks like the no-fighting period some of us wished for is not fated to be :(

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