The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 414 Billionaire

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Xi San gave Hexi the two thousand yuan crystals that the Replenishing Spirit Pill was sold at, this already surpa.s.sed the price of the top quality Replenishing Spirit Pill. Naturally, n.o.body wanted to buy it in the beginning.

But, three days after the first Replenishing Spirit Pill had been sold, suddenly the rest of the Replenishing Spirit Pills he put up for sale had all been bought.

And the black market’s interaction page, which had been silent for a few years, suddenly blew up– –

“Wow, crazy! My didi ate three of those two thousand yuan crystal Replenishing Spirit Pills and he directly advanced to Foundation Establishment stage, ah! But, I wanted to buy some, but unexpectedly, you can’t buy anymore!”

“Me too, I bought that high quality Replenishing Spirit Pill and went to go fight in my sect. In the middle of the battle, I swallowed a Replenishing Spirit Pill and my spiritual power instantly replenished. To my surprise, I even defeated the most powerful senior brother of the outside sect! Wow, from now on, I’m a disciple of the inner sect!”

“In the end, which great person refined this Replenishing Spirit Pill, ah. So powerful of a spiritual force, such a terrifying amount of essence purity. Unexpectedly, it’s only first rank, even Qi Refining stage martial artists can take it!”

All the martial artists, that habitually bought medicinal pills off the black market, had gone crazy over these outrageous Replenishing Spirit Pills!

How many people had used their mysterious jade slips to link back into the blackmarket’s virtual s.p.a.ce, just to be able to immediately s.n.a.t.c.h these pills away.

Naturally, Xi San also quickly discovered this “grand occasion”, therefore, he raised the price of each Replenishing Spirit Pill to ten thousand yuan crystals.

But, despite the price being so terrifyingly high, each time more pills were put up for sale, they were immediately sold out.

And when the pills Xi San had on hand were all sold away, everyone was wailing likes ghosts and howling like wolves on the blackmarket’s interaction page.

Everyday, people would yell, why weren’t the top quality Replenishing Spirit Pills being sold anymore.

Hexi watched as Xi San took out rows of storage rings, the corner of her mouth twitched.

These rings were completely filled with the yuan crystals they had earned from their business.

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Xi San mischievously laughed as he pointed towards the first row of rings. “These are the money collected from the flying swords Miss had me sell, as well as the method records. All together, we earned 98.530.000 yuan crystals.

Hexi threw a few storage rings to Xi San, faintly saying, “Go to Pig Market to select some slaves, when selecting, pay attention to their behavior, ability to work hard, and endure hardships. Innate skill isn’t crucial. The remaining money can be used to employ some subordinates and guards for yourself.”

Everyday, Xi San ran about outside. He was also in contact with many wealthy individuals, safety needed to be ensured.

Xi San was overjoyed, he didn’t decline. After taking the ring, he kowtowed to Hexi several times, his face was full of smiles.

“Have there been any other matters lately?”

Upon hearing what she said, at once, he replied, “Indeed, there are two things Miss needs to be informed of.”

*I think the author may have meant to say a larger number, but I’m not certain.

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