The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 413 Borderless Blackmarke

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After exiting the mountain, Hexi first went to offer sacrifices to Wet Nurse Chen. Then, she checked Xiao Li, Xi Jia, and the others’ progress in their cultivation before she left Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory and returned to Bie Courtyard.

Currently, Bie Courtyard at the foot of Cang Mountain was completely different than she had left it.

She didn’t know where Xi San had bought several servants from, they cleaned Bie Courtyard and left it neat and tidy.

Currently, people were going in and out of Bie Courtyard, it was full of life. It contrasted against the previously b.l.o.o.d.y and gloomy scene.

“Miss, you’re here!” When Xi San saw Hexi he was pleasantly surprised and immediately greeted her.

Hexi nodded her head and offered a sentence of praise, “Bie Courtyard has been managed quite well.”

Xi San was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with happiness, his eyes were filled with cheerfulness and complacentnes. “Many thanks for Miss’ compliment, xiao de [1] doesn’t have any cultivation skills and can’t protect Miss like Xi Jia and the others can. I’m very happy to be able to handle matters for Miss.”

Xi San welcomed Hexi into Bie Courtyard’s central room to sit down and he quickly arranged for some servant girls to deliver refreshments.

Earlier, these servant girls and menservants already saw Hexi’s portrait, therefore, they knew that she was this Bie Courtyard’s true master.

Naturally, Hexi had no interest towards these bland refreshments, she just softly turned her teacup around as she listened to Xi San report what had happened these past few days.

“Miss, you [2] don’t know, last time, when you gave me the Supplement Spirit Pill before you entered Sealed Dragon Domain, I went to get it appraised at Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution. In the end, the result of the evaluation alarmed the manager of the medicine courtyard.”

“Including crystal spiritual power, the pill’s pure essence was ninety-nine percent, ah! Miss, you didn’t see the look of that group of people’s eyes bulging out. The group of people captured me, wishing they could immediately sign a big order with me.”

Hexi raised her eyebrow, “Did you sign with them?”

“Where would I dare to, ah!” Xi San promptly responded, “Xiao de understands the argument Miss previously said about money not being able to be revealed, if xiao de signs a contract with Imperial Pharmaceutical Inst.i.tution’s people, it would be easy for them to track everything back to here.”

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“Therefore, xiao de just obtained the evaluation list before secretly running away, afterward, I put the pill on sale in black market.”

All martial artists could link their soul to the black market through the provided jade slips.

At the same time, martial artists could engrave product’s attributes and information in images to put for sale in this Boundless Blackmarket.

Naturally, for Boundless Blackmarket to be able to do such business deals, the most important factor was that the creator had a very powerful refining tools expert.

They created a sort of mechanism, it’s speed was extremely fast. It could travel a thousand miles in a day and it’s protective quality was very high. It was extremely secretive, it could transport purchased and sold items through long distances.

Naturally, the pills and magic weapons sold on the blackmarket couldn’t be bought at real prices. In addition, Boundless Blackmarket also had to successfully transport the items, but it’s secrecy was very strong, it didn’t attract much attention.

[1] xiao de – I; term of address for yourself when you’re speaking to a superior

[2] you – when Xi San is talking to Hexi, he’s using the word 您 (nin) to address her, which is more formal as opposed to 你 (ni)

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