The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 412 Clear Meditative State

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For a moment, Hexi was at a loss. But, then she no longer thought about this problem and began to earnestly practice the Maha Inheritance.

The terror and power of this inheritance was evident in her battle with Elder Jiang, it caused Hexi to feel unlimited yearning and confidence towards it.

If so, she could replicate her capabilities at the time and completely copy her opponent’s unique skills.

So in this way, wouldn’t she be invincible?

But, what caused Hexi to feel gloomy was that, ever since she had ignited her dantian, she was unable to attain a clear meditative state.

When she was in Bie Courtyard, she allowed Wu Xin to display his unique skill. After trying to duplicate it, she couldn’t.

Hexi sat cross-legged inside the mustard subs.p.a.ce of the Spirit Firmant Palace Hall, she was recalling the scene of her and Elder Jiang fighting earlier.

Alongside the images of their fighting slowly playing out in her mind, the spiritual power in her body began to flow along a predetermined trajectory.

The spiritual power began to revolve faster and faster, soon, a small whirlpool appeared in her dantian.

When these whirlpools appeared, Hexi found that her senses became unprecedentedly keen and penetrating.

Everything around her became incomparably wonderful, it was as if it had become apart of her body. There weren’t any secrets.

She could even sense the spiritual qi and nutrient transportation in the spiritual plants located in the medicinal field. She could detect each inhabitant in the soil of the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual field.

Obviously, she had not used any G.o.dly records. But when she closed her eyes, she could clearly see everything, within ten meters, inside and outside her s.p.a.ce.

This feeling was truly too profound, not only was her perception magnified, it seemed like she had become the master of this piece of land.

If Hexi stayed in this world for a bit longer, she would come to understand that this state is called– – Clear Meditation.

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In Miluo Continent, even if one was a high rank Nascent Soul stage martial artist, it was impossible to attain. This mental state was cla.s.sified as something in legends.

Three seconds, this was too short. Wanting to learn other people’s abilities in three seconds was a fantasy.

Hearing Hexi’s unconscious grumbles, the Little Golden Dragon, who was off to the side cultivating, felt the corner of his mouth twitching and his face was filled with secrecy.

Laoda already earned an advantage but was still ungrateful!

One had to understand that entering the Maha Inheritance’s doorway was the hardest step. In order for ordinary martial artists to even touch the doorstep of Clear Meditation, it would take them a year’s time.

His previous master was the creator of the Maha Inheritance, but when he first replicated someone else’s ability, he still failed.

But his family’s laoda? On her first try, she was able to replicate two big skills. Currently, she was still at Meridians stage and could already touch the doorstep to Clear Meditation.

Yet she still feels it’s too slow, does she even let the other martial artists live?!

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