The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 41 – Such A Good Home

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Chapter 41 – Such A Good Home

Hexi sneered, taking the remaining yuan she placed them in her storage ring. Probably less than three million yuan remained, as just within these last two days, Zhang Dezhong had actually managed lose about two million yuan.

Because his mind was hypnotised, Zhang Dezhong was still kneeling expressionlessly on the ground like a foolish person, even saliva flowed out from his mouth. Due to the extreme fear, the stench of his faeces was overwhelming, making him look even more miserable than a beggar.

Hexi’s eyes that were looking at him didn’t show disgust, rather it was a coldness, just like a sharp blade dipped in poison, they flickered with a clouded purple light.

She lightly placed her palm on Zhang Dezhong’s back, releasing a burst of internal energy, the Invisible Needles that currently resided in his brain shot out and flew back into her hands.

Almost at the same time, her hand that was holding a dagger, with an unparalleled speed, cut across the meridians on Zhang Dezhong’s body and throat one by one.

In a split second, blood wildly sprayed, his howls as if shaking heaven.

That’s right, Zhang Dezhong had returned to his senses, his face shocked as he looked at Hexi. There wasn’t a trace of resentment in his eyes, only desperate begging.

Hexi, still holding the b.l.o.o.d.y dagger, raised it in front of his eyes and lightly touched the beads of blood on it, then indifferently laughed, “Butler Zhang, aren’t you interested in selling people as slaves? Today, I’ll let you personally taste it.”

“Ah—! Ah—!” Butler Zhang wanted to beg, however, he found that he simply couldn’t make any sound. Even more, his muscles and veins had been cut, making him completely unable to move.

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Hexi’s smile became more brilliant, so even though her face was now paled with disguise, it still looked bright and beautiful. “Are you afraid, looking at all of this blood? Don’t worry, you’re a martial artist, your body can gain nourishment from spiritual power, this small injury is simply not fatal to you. However, I’ve already cut off all the meridians in your body, in this lifetime, don’t ever think you’ll be able to move or speak again.”

Therefore, some rich people had come up with the idea of ‘pig meat’, making ‘pig meat’ absorb the spiritual energy found in a crystal stone, and taking in the poison from a spiritual plant. Then the owner will absorb the spiritual energy from the body of the ‘pig meat’, this way they won’t have any trouble with poison and also have an accelerated cultivation speed.

As for those ‘pig meat’ slaves that acc.u.mulated a large amount of impurities and poison in their bodies, their owners wouldn’t care about their misery or suffering.

Zhang Dezhong issued ‘ka ka’ sound, only despair remained in his muddy and bloodshot eyes.

What he didn’t expect, was that with only a moment of greed, he would actually fall to such an end! If only he had known earlier…if he had known earlier…

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