The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 409 Settle in Sealed Dragon Territory’s Secret Territory?!

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Translator Note warning, this is a double update. If you have not read chapter 408 yet, please do so before reading this one.

Xi San couldn’t help but seize the meat on his face, muttering, “Miss, you… You’re saying we’ll be settling here? The spiritual energy here is richer than Water Moon’s Zong Bao mountain… Settle… Settle here?”

“What? You don’t want to?”

“No… No! Not that! How could I not be willing!” Xi San excitedly answered, even his words shook. “Miss, how did you find this place? Are we still inside Cang Mountain? Such a valuable place, ah. Those… Those cultivators won’t come and fight with us right?”

Hexi faintly smiled and didn’t mind everyone as she dropped a bomb on them, “This is Sealed Dragon Domain’s most comfortable Green Wood Realm. Right now, I’m the master of Sealed Dragon Domain, the entire Sealed Dragon Domain is considered my territory.”

“You say, can or can we not settle here?”

“Sealed… Sealed Dragon Territory’s Secret Territory– –!!”

This time, it wasn’t only Xi San. Even Xi Jia and the others let out cries of surprise.

Heavens! What was Miss saying?

This was Sealed Dragon Territory’s Secret Territory. It was the place all those cultivators forcibly took earlier and the place filled with countless treasures, Sealed Dragon Territory?

It was the Sealed Dragon Territory that even Nascent Soul stage martial artists were somewhat afraid of and wouldn’t enter to explore unless they had made preparations?

It was that place. The place that, to them previously, wasn’t completely out of reach. The Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory that they didn’t even dreaming of going to join the chaos to treasure hunt?!

Moreover, Miss was now the owner of Sealed Domain’s Secret Territory. In other words, every inch inside this secret territory and every magic weapon all belonged to Miss?

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Xi San suddenly felt a bit muddle headed and felt that it was somewhat hard to breath.

At once, Xi Jia and the others kneeled down to Hexi. “Miss, be at ease. We swear we won’t leak out anything regarding Sealed Dragon Domain to anyone else. If we go against this oath, lightning will strike us and we’ll die without a corpse!”

Hexi waved her hand, faintly saying, “First, you guys go build a few simple residences. Afterwards, everyone come down and find a nice place to bury Wet Nurse Chen.”

Xi Jia and the others repeatedly answered yes, then they quickly got busy.

Previously, although they pa.s.sed comfortable lives inside Nalan manors Bie Courtyard and their strength made progress, they were at a loss and confused.

But today, they saw Sealed Dragon Domain’s heavenly paradise, all their confusion and loss disappeared.

At this moment, Xi San, Xi Jie, and the others no longer had any doubts.

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