The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 405 Beautiful gege?!

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Long eyelashes hung down, covering up a pair of cold, phoenix eyes. A faint silhouette shown on snow white skin, causing the person to appear frail and helpless.

It was completely different when compared to her ordinary craftiness, the appearance of not letting any thing or person control her.

Nangong Yu softly let out a breath. The pair of hands that carried Hexi tightened, his heart welled up with regret and pity.

“Little girl, why do you have to be so stubborn?” He lowered his head, softly murmuring, “Why didn’t you ask for my help? Why can’t you rely on me? Am I so unworthy of your trust?”

He said such reprimanding words, but his tone was filled with pampering and tenderness.

His slender fingers softly played with her messy hair and his expression was that of someone who was tending to the most precious treasure.

The Little Golden Dragon who was sleeping at the head of the bed finally woke up from his dreams and loudly shouted, “You… Who are you? Who let you touch lao da’s body as you wished?”

The Little Golden Dragon’s yells woke up the originally unconscious Dan Dan.

Dan Dan rubbed his swollen eyes, and at a glance, he saw Nangong Yu who was carrying Hexi in his embrace. He cried out, “Beautiful gege, Mother is injured. Quickly save her… You’re so awesome, help Mother wake up quicker, okay? Wu wu wu…”

Nangong Yu’s usual calm turned distracted now.

The crying spiritual pet before him was a pink pig? Moreover, this little pig called Hexi Mother but called him beautiful gege?!

Nangong Yu’s mouth twitched and turned down. Immediately, he restored his usual calm and indifferently said, “Naturally, my coming here was to come and save Xi’er.”

After saying this, his finger softly cut across his own wrist and very quickly, a dark red trail of blood came out of the wound.

“Master, you– – How can you waste Blood Essence at such an important time.”

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Wu Xin’s face was filled with anxiety, he practically wanted to run over and stop Nangong Yu.

As long as Hexi called for help, he would immediately rush over.

He thought that Hexi was merely at Foundation Establishment stage and that the opposite side would just have a group of martial artists at high level Meridians stage. In any case, Hexi couldn’t possibly be their rival and by that time, she would certainly cry to him for help.

But, how could Wu Xin think that Hexi would be able to ma.s.sacre all the people and even take down a high level Gold Core stage expert, all by herself.

Foundation Establishment stage battling a Gold Core stage, ah!! This completely exceeded common sense, all that was left was a profound sense of admiration and reverence.

Nangong Yu coldly snorted and didn’t continue speaking. Instead, he brought the wound on his wrist closer to Hexi’s mouth and slowly fed it to her.

The Little Golden Dragon suspiciously looked at Nangong Yu as he s.n.a.t.c.hed Dan Dan. Whispering into Dan Dan’s ear, he quietly asked, “This person is green onion or garlic [1], ah? You let him stay by lao da’s side? Won’t have bad intentions?”

[1] green onion or garlic – he’s calling Nangong Yu a random/ordinary person (green onion and garlic is common)

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