The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 403 The Situation Has Changed

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When he heard what was said, Feng Tianba became startled. Then, he shook his head. “Life saving benefactor? He he…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when his voice turned mocking halfway through.

Feng Yunjing was about to ask when Feng Tianba immediately waved his hand, “All you need to know is to not provoke Nangong Yu, it’ll be alright then.”

“Regarding Xi Yue’s matters, secretly investigate them. If you’re certain, quietly make contact with him.”

“With our Feng family’s status, as long as he’s sensible, I don’t believe a mere Foundation Establishment stage martial artist won’t be tempted. As long as Xi Yue is willing to submit himself to Feng family, even Nangong Yu can’t do anything, right?”

Feng Yunjing ground his teeth, “But Father, nowadays, Nangong Yu is becoming stronger and stronger and won’t consent to join us by marriage. I’m afraid he’ll become a big worry for our Feng family in the future…”

“Okay, you don’t have to worry about this matter anymore!” Feng Tianba waved his hands, preventing him from asking anymore questions, “If there’s nothing else, withdraw first.”

Feng Yunjing’s expression fluctuated, but seeing Feng Tianba’s dignified expression, he swallowed any remaining words he had and quickly left the room.

After Feng Yunjing retreated, approximately the time it took to burn a stick of incense later, a white figure appeared in the doorway of Feng Tianba’s study.

This person was precisely the white clothed male who appeared at Jiang family’s other courtyard.

At this moment, he was carrying a bag. The bag seemed to have something incessantly squirming inside it, so much so that you could even faintly hear someone’s hoa.r.s.e yells coming from within.

When this person entered the study, he humbly saluted Feng Tianba. With a lowered voice, he reported, “Clan head, the situation has changed. The underground testing pharmacy in Yan Jing’s eastern outskirts seemed to have been destroyed by someone. Subordinate used spiritual skills to investigate and all of the bound black spirit plants have been completely destroyed. There’s also this…”

The white clothed male shook the bag and it loosened slightly. The bag began to open when the thick smell of rotting blood a.s.saulted one’s senses.

Accompanying the smell was the sound of a hoa.r.s.e and broken voice.

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A mincemeat’s skeleton appeared in front of their eyes. All the internal organs and blood in the skeleton had filled up the bag. But what was strange was that this person had already turned into this weird monster, but that mutilated skull was completely intact. Furthermore, it could even let out such pained howls.

Only this Xi Yue!

Refusing his invitation three times, even facing him with a long sword.

If it wasn’t for Nangong Yu supporting her, she was a mere Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. Where would one find the courage to refuse him, who would have the capability to refuse him?

The secret desire~hope and envy at the bottom of his heart burned, causing his grave and stern expression to distort.

Standing in the middle of a pavilion, Feng Yunjing tightly clenched his fist around a stone pillar, mumbling to himself, “Xi Yue, you’re destined to be mine, unable to escape my palm! When I kill Nangong Yu, you’ll become my person. I’ll have you kneeling in front of me, begging me to love you!”

“Young master, you’ve returned!” Suddenly, a tender and soft female’s voice interrupted Feng Yunjing’s thoughts.

Soon after, a woman full of gold and jade with beautiful and elegant features threw herself into Feng Yunjing’s embrace. “Young master, this time you left for such a long time. Yan’er really missed you!”

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