The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 40 – Deranged

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Chapter 40 – Deranged

However, Hexi was unaware that after Wuyu had bought Nalan Hexi, he was summoned by his master. He had had no time to tell his subordinate about Nalan Hexi’s value, and hurriedly rushed to meet his master. As soon as he came back he found out that his subordinate had carried Nalan Hexi as a lowly slave to the examination room, and so the low level martial artist in the examination room also ended up being killed by Hexi.

This was really not a beautiful misunderstanding!

“Third miss, I’m speaking the truth, can you please spare me!”

Zhang Dezhong was kowtowing with all his might to beg for forgiveness, while sneaking glances to observe Hexi. It appeared she wasn’t concentrating on him, so his mind quickly gave rise to an evil idea, his intact hand secretly reached into the bag.

“s.l.u.t, you can just go to h.e.l.l—!!” The spiritual power in Zhang Dezhong’s body flared, and holding an Exploding Flame talisman, he rushed towards Hexi and ruthlessly threw it at her, “s.l.u.t, you dared to act against me, you’re really asking for death!!”

Even if Hexi is so difficult to deal with, she was still just an ordinary person that lacked a cultivation base. Just recently, because of his inattentiveness, his spiritual power had been temporarily sealed by her evil method, so now that his spiritual power had slowly restored, why would he care about this little girl.

Nalan Hexi, at first I just wanted to play with you, and injure you a little. But since you’re unable to tell good from bad, then don’t blame me for making you die without a burial!

Zhang Dezhong’s face twisted with an insolent smile, however in the next moment, his expression stiffened, starting with the corner of his mouth.

The exploding talisman issued a severe noise, raising a cloud of smoke and dust, but when the smoke and dust had dispersed, there was not a soul in sight. Nalan Hexi’s badly mangled and miserable appearance should have been there!

Zhang Dezhong’s eyes were wide open with fear, he was completely unaware that gravel had entered his gaping mouth.

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Suddenly his throat was hooked from behind by an ice cold, silky hand, then a crisp and pleasant voice, yet like an evil spirit from h.e.l.l, sounded in his ears. “You see, I was thinking of sparing your dog life, but you’re not giving me a choice!”

Rather, she wanted him to personally watch her in the pig market, and after she was tarnished by the lowest servants, only then could he return to receive the reward.

Fortunately, Zhang Dezhong had accidentally overheard Nalan Feixue’s personal maid, Si Qin, speak about the contents of the letter. Believing Nalan Hexi could be used for profiteering, he sold Nalan Hexi to Gluttonous House, saving her from suffering a more miserable ending.

After Zhang Dezhong had taken the yuan, he didn’t go store it straight away, instead, his gambling addiction took over. Therefore, he hide the yuan in this courtyard, then he dawdled in Zhangle workshop for two days.

Hearing Zhang Dezhong’s confession, a strong killing intention rose in Hexi’s heart towards Nalan Feixue, where before there was only hate.

For the purpose of keeping her beloved she even wanted to sell her half sister. Going so far as to actually come up with such a malicious idea to make an innocent girl beyond redemption, this is simply deranged!

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