The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 397 Burning Vitality

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Elder Jiang looked towards the youth in front of him, his foot stumbled as he kept walking backwards. His face was filled with shock. “You… You… Gold Core, how can you have the smell of a Gold Core martial artist!!”

“Little demon, in the end, what are you? What did you do just now?!!”

He just saw the youth’s fiery gaze as the spiritual energy in his body frantically swelled and inky black, satiny hair flew around without wind.

The entire person emitted an imposing power, pressing down on him. Where did they resemble a mere Foundation Establishment stage martial artist, they were clearly genuinely at Gold Core stage.

In reality, at this moment, Hexi wasn’t feeling to well.

Just now, she used the silver needles to p.r.i.c.k her acupuncture points, expanding her channels. In fact, this was a type of method that ignited the dantian and promoted strength.

Hexi had used this method in her past life before. It was just that, at that time, she didn’t have spiritual power. What was ignited was actually inner power inside her dantian.

Using this method, one could quickly promote one’s body, but the cost was burning one’s vitality.

In her previous life, each minute she spent in this forced state, she exchanged approximately one year of her life.

And naturally, at this moment, this method of igniting her dantian’s spiritual power also needed compensation.

But, in order for Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li’s revenge, Hexi threw caution to the wind and she couldn’t change anything now.

Elder Jiang suddenly recovered from his shock and the spiritual power in his body rushed up. Qian Zi Sword, which had originally fallen to the side, hummed and rose up and rushed towards Hexi.

He wanted to take advantage of the fact that Hexi’s spiritual power was still unstable and kill him when he was unprepared.

But, what caused Elder Jiang to become surprised was that when the Qian Zi Sword touched Hexi’s side, it suddenly got catapulted away. Unexpectedly, it didn’t even get to damage the spiritual power powered protective cover over Hexi.

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It was the same as Gold Core stage. It was obvious to him that at this moment, Hexi’s spiritual power was far more powerful than his.

As Elder Jiang’s reaction was still catching up, the Cool Breeze flag became an engulfing-sky storm, advancing towards Elder Jiang.

“What?!! Thousand Wind Blade… This can’t be!!”

Elder Jiang let out a cry of surprise, practically dumbstruck. “This is actually my Jiang family’s own skill, how can you use it? Moreover, that Cool Breeze flag had already been used by me, how can you use it?!!”

Elder Jiang let out furious shouts as the twisting hurricane in front of him grew larger and larger, eventually enveloping him inside it.

Inside the hurricane, sounds of Elder Jiang’s angry questions, depressed groans, as well as the sound of the wind blades cutting his clothing and flesh.

But, this scene continued to happen until a violent boom was suddenly heard in the center of the storm.

Immediately, the entire hurricane exploded open. Leaves, sand, and dust settled on the ground as the hurricane gradually faded away.

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