The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 396 Roast For You

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“Little Purple– –!!!” Hexi let out a cry of surprise, with all her might she prayed to the G.o.ds, wanting to bring Little Purple back.

But, the purple vine seemed determined, completely ignoring Hexi’s order. It knocked against the cyan flag releasing the hurricane.

The only sound was “peng peng peng” repeatedly, loudly, sounding out.

Under Hexi’s alarmed gaze, she saw the thick purple vine fly high up then come crashing back down. Following that, thick purple juice flowed down the side of Hexi’s leg.

Soon after, a cyan flag had been rolled up, swaying and wobbling, it was brought in front of Hexi.

Hexi could perceive that the Purple Abyss Vine wanted to help improve her mood. It’s scattered leaves softly swayed around, seeming to be both, taking credit for it’s achievement and asking for forgiveness.

Clearly it had been cut everywhere by the cool breeze flag’s hurricane, so miserable. But Hexi could sense the Purple Abyss Vine’s consciousness, very happy, very cheerful!

Can help Master, really is too great!

Can punish the scoundrel that caused Dan Dan to cry, really is too great!

Hexi let out a soft breath and no longer attempted to reissue the flame. Instead she took the cool breeze flag from the Purple Abyss Vine and extended her hand to softly touch it (Purple Abyss Vine).

“Little Purple, thank you!” Hexi slowly said, “But, in the future, you’re not allowed to disobey my command and act on your own initiative. Otherwise, I’ll remove our master and pet contract, do you hear me?”

The purple vine shook and it’s leaves started drooping down. Feeling wronged and trying to curry favor, it rubbed against Hexi’s wrist.

Hexi’s pressed down on her forehead, this group of fellows really didn’t let people be worry-free! These fellows really let people love dearly and take pity on them, ah!

Her voice deepened, “Youngster, you can rest a.s.sured. I’ll definitely make the old fools who hurt Xiao Li and you guys pay the price! You guys have to have some faith in this lao da, do you understand?”

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Finished speaking, her fair wrist moved and the Purple Abyss Vine quickly returned to her s.p.a.ce.”

At this moment, silver needles appeared on her hand and quickly entered each of the major acupuncture points.

Hexi’s movements were extremely fast and her expression was extremely concentrated. Even if the flying sword appeared in front of her and cut her clothes, she still seemed to lack any awareness.

A moment later, the bloodstained youth, in the middle of all the sword reflections, lifted her head up. Using a cold voice, she slowly said, “You want my replenishing arteries and veins extinct method? Good, I’ll give it to you. When you arrive in h.e.l.l, I’ll personally roast it for you!*”

After saying this, the spiritual energy in her body suddenly rose up and a burst of imposing manner surged up and came out.

She painstakingly didn’t move the protective cover and pushed out all the reflections of the swords surrounding her.

The thousand reflections of the flying swords all turned back into one. But they didn’t return to Elder Jiang, instead with a “peng” sound, it fell on the ground and lost the l.u.s.ter it previously had.

*I’m not too sure what the author meant when she says this but I don’t think it’s a mistake because it’s the same wording for the chapter t.i.tle. So if anyone has any theories, leave it in the comments (:

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